Allows Android software to run on a PC platform, specifically Windows.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AMIDuOS

Release: AMIDuOS PRO 2.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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I think this software saves you time and money because its deployment free of charge.

  • According to users, this software is the most popular on Google right now. According to the reviews, this software is reliable, stable, and well designed to run the Android OS applications on devices running on Windows. There is a Pinch & zoom feature that provides multiple options for pinching and zooming and allows users to select multiple images at the same time.The touch capability found in tablet software differentiates it from other offerings similar to it.
  • In addition to reproducing all Android OS features in a native environment, the software runs on a Linux platform.
  • Almost all device types and configurations are supported by this product. While some of the other similar software does not have a very small footprint, this one has a very large footprint and runs faster. Using the software, Android O can be emulated graphically and with gaming controls.S. simulates Wi-Fi traffic in real life.- The ability to access the internet for Android applications as well as for Ethernet and router ports.based internet connectivity.
  • You can enable the configuration of SD cards and share databases with others with this software. File sharing is also offered in its convenience. Fast switching between Android and Windows environments is also possible, and its stability is significantly better than that of other similar programs.

AMIDuOS PRO for Windows is a new concept and a better way of porting your Android software and O.S. to your Windows-based devices. offers incredible value over other Android-based products, as it is available on nearly every major Android feature. As a result of this free software being offered, anyone who wants to try it can do so. There can be no comparison to the stability and compatibility of this product. Simple installation and intuitive functionality make this software an excellent choice.

Farid Rajabi
In addition to being honest, I also need to maintain my personal information up to date since I'm an extremely sensitive individual. Reliable programs are good, so they'd benefit very much from this.Additionally, it's compatible with Windows OS X and Windows Server.
With AMIDoOS Pro, users can upload and download documents. This program uses Android/Windows based mobile software. The company receives high reviews on its Google software and is the most widely used version. It should be friendly for people at all times to use the equipment. There is no charge for adding a piece of software, which is nice change from other programs.
Its unique features make the product revolutionary in many ways. Android is used to make a virtual interface on your own device, be it a Windows PC or laptop running Android. You can customize an entire set of Android elements, such as depth, functionality, and interfaces, on your own device screen, as well as on the Internet. It is recommended that you download this application if you wish to have a custom look in Android format.
Noah Esquivel
Introducing a revolutionary new concept that gives Windows devices the functionality, depth and fun of Android. Switch from Windows and Android environments easily with it on almost any Windows 7,8, or 10 PC or tablet. Handsfree boot, even if there's a ed to dual boot!
Essentially, this software allows you to use your regular monitor to manage work and run it on computer from the other side or connect parts of your regular monitor to an android device and use it for scrolling through newsfeeds or watching other screen movements. Using this type of software, you will no longer need to keep your phone on you at all times. No harm in leaving the phone plugged in where it can charge while one can get on with the day.
You can create a layer in your operating system that allows Android apps to run at will. LIOAMIDUOS Pro is an automatic installation system that allows users to install their favorite applications via one interface.
I cannot bear to read more about such a great Windows program. I am so glad I left this review. By installing this program I can easily experience Android on a computer right out of the box. A very special aspect of this software program is its details and features. As I've previously said, I love being able to access my android in my windows, as it allows me to switch back and forth between the two apps rather easily. This software performs way out of this world!
It may be a desktop improvement program from American Megatrends Inc. including Backdrop, Snes9x, and XePlayer. free, and it can accommodate up to six users simultaneously. The preinstalled AMIDuOS PRO solution for Windows PCs is well-liked by numerous customers. It takes significantly less space to retrofit your existing Windows PC with Mobile Aspects Professional, a very quick, innovative and small desktop enhancement program. The course is designed with the apprentices and professionals in mind. is unusual as it highlights in unusual ways and different from a few other Desktop Improvement applications. Many Working Frameworks, such as Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10, are supported by AMIDuOS Master. Despite what many people may assume, most trialers continue to download and test drive desktop upgrade programs. However, you are welcome to upgrade the programs at least once each year. The AMIDuOS Master application can easily be downloaded since it is free of, easy-to-Upgrade your desktop, securely, and easily with desktop Upgrades software.
The AMIDuOS PRO software is used for Windows XP and Windows 2000. You can get it for free. You can develop new apps using it. This application is suitable for Windows 64 bit as it is user friendly. Software with high levels of security is what this company is all about. An attractive and fun application could be developed with this program. My company will, for instance, come up with a new children's video game. A very good emulator with this app is available. Operating system software runs smoothly and reliably on this device. You can access and store the database with this application.
The Android experience that I'm familiar with can be brought into my Windows device easily with AMIDuOS PRO for Windows. No matter if you use a Windows PC or a tablet, you can connect to the same user interface seamlessly across the various environments. It is easy to read, and it has a bright look that I appreciate.
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