AMD RAIDXpert Utility

by AMD

Keeping your RAID configured remotely allows you to better manage your space.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AMD

Release: AMD RAIDXpert Utility 3.3.1540.12

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This software comes from AMD - a company that is very popular for computer hardware and sells official programs. Servers and other configurations can be managed via this device through the use of a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Drive) system.


  • Ensures you have complete admin control over RAID systems
  • Allows you to have passwords for all actions, securing your control
  • You are able to remotely track what is happening within the RAID
  • Helps manage your data management system
  • Has a browser-based GUI
  • Can notify you via e-mail of all events/alarms
  • Cached memory management
  • Logs of Drive events
  • Helps maintain logical drive
  • Access to all functions/components of the RAID

A RAID is when you use multiple hard drives connected together to a create a system to allow saving of data in different drives to prevent loss of data in case of an occurrence of hard drive failure. Compared to alternative hard drives, they have increased capacity and are more secure, yet remain cheaper than alternatives while still being sensitive to data loss. However, certain systems might be more expensive. Nevertheless, it is worth it as more reliable machines result in higher costs. It would be more effective to set up many hard drives in place so they perform faster and protect against theft. In spite of the fact that Raid Controllers do what they say on the box -- improve performance and overlapping data for balance -- one of the biggest things is having more drives for increased probability of failure. By using this tool created especially for the products of the company, you can keep the date protected in case of a crash and manage your data in ways that will improve the performance of your systems. You can download it free of charge from AMD's server and make it your own. There can be issues being managed since RAID levels increase; such a tool allows for easy upgrades, which is appreciated. Although using RAID has alternatives for the purposes of protecting data that can be much better, it is generally more cost prohibitive and for those using this RAID system, a tool such as this software is a definite must.

It is made by the company AMD and is an official software for a popular hardware company.
Over my computer's multiple drives, one at a time, I had difficulty selecting which drives should be moved. As many times as I tried, no matter what program I tried, I could not seem to do it. My computer now looks and feels nothing like it used to. Then I discovered AMD RAIDXpert Utility, and my hard drive management is forever changed. What an awesome job you do!!!!
AMD RAIDXpert Utility for Windows is well received, however, more improvement is needed within AMD to make sure that its use is better. As far as my opinion is concerned, the AMD RAIDxpert still has a slight lead, since all storage programs seem capable, but it lags far behind
You can use the software to manage RAID array functionality remotely and in Windows. All of these arrays can be managed locally or remotely, as well as monitored anywhere in the network from the AMID array. There are only a few features in a browser.monitoring program. You will automatically receive alerts if a major event occurs at one of the arrays. RAID arrays can easily be monitored by this tool from anywhere.
Isaac Monson
Through the use of this, my RAID setup had full control - no need to download anything further, it was super easy to use, there were so many installation and configuration options, and I had no more than 15 seconds. The software was fantastic and I am very recommendable to anybody who is running a RAID setup and needs to automate their setup, as it allows you to optimize it easily. Great software!
Windows version of AMD RAIDXpert utility. There are about 310 megabytes in this program, which controls RAID arrays. Management can be done both locally and remotely through the service. Additionally, it can generate GUI notifications based on events, alarms, logins, and driver maintenance. The only control you have to do is click on the AMD chipset. Drives maintenance logically. Users have access to all features using the RAID.
You can control theRAID array on both your desktop as well as remotely. It is good for monitoring, managing and controlling theArrays on PC or on a mobile device.
This AMD raidxpert utilities is very useful and easy to use. In the future I might consider utilizing this utility program if I need to provide utility services. I would definitely recommend it to people close to me, as well as to my friends and family. Utility programs have not received any negative reviews or comments. It has earned my vote of 10/10 as a highly recommended product.
The software is very well made for free. All types of Windows can be run with this device. There is one more step to follow. Your handy website can access the web browser to utilize the admin features of the web site.The advantage of Remote Access and Management is that you can have the system remotely logged in and managed. You can easily install it.Separate physical drives can logically be made. In general, most people appreciated it.
Whenever my server becomes unavailable or the hardware necessary to run my service, I use AMD RAIDXpert Utility for Windows. This way my controller and the logical drives that are connected to it can be remotely accessed and managed. The monitoring of this activity may take place locally and remotely, depending on my requirements. This means that I stay updated every time any event or alarm gets triggered so that I am able to be always as possible.
It is an application to control RAID rays and vey safe & secure platform. The user interface is extremely friendly, and will also let you manage your data.You can use it to safeguard your data. Please try downloading this software for me because it was very helpful to me so I encourage you to download it. Only a small amount of storage space is required when you download and store this free of charge.
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