AMD Clean Uninstall Utility

by Advanced Micro Devices Inc

A program for thoroughly removing any previously installed AMD driver files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Advanced Micro Devices Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Report misleading

AMD Clean Uninstall Utility is a program that completely cleans your computer from previously installed AMD Catalyst drivers and prepares it for clean installation. Hard drives are fully cleaned as well as registry entries, which means no traces of an uninstalled system can remain.

The application supports other peripheral devices as well as audio and USB drivers, including chipsets and HYDRAVISION, as well as control center and other software tools. Upon completion of the uninstall process, a detailed report is compiled and stored in the executive file. By the way, AMD Clean Uninstall Utility does not require installation to run. Although the program can be started on removable media, you should not make a copy of it.

Furthermore, AMD Clean Uninstall Utility does not appear in a familiar graphical form. After the EXE-You see a proposal to initiate cleaning within the opening window where the filing is started. During the agreement phase of using the program, it starts working in its background mode without displaying an on the part of the user, the program starts working in the background mode, without displaying a visual progress indicator. In general, cleaning takes one hour.After you run AMD Clean Uninstall Utility, it will send you an invite to view the report following 2 minutes. The developer would like you to remain away from the computer while the cleaning process is ongoing as well.

In addition to offering the program free of charge, other sources of income can also be found here. A compatible version of any software manufactured by AMD is available with this new AMD solution.

- To the extent that Catalyst drivers are present in the system, to fully uninstall them as well as any traces that are present.

- AHYDRAVISION and Control Center is removed dt;

- Adapters, USB devices, audio devices, and chipsets with graphics support ;

- In preparation of an official report about the operations performed, tain an official report on the operations performed;

- A lack of progress indicator and no real shell for graphics; ;

- Modes of work that are portable; work through the desktop.

- Depending on the AMD driver version, the device may work.

I am of the opinion that AMD Clean Uninstall Utility appears to be a useful system tool, as it is at first glance obvious. After I downloaded the utility, I found several user reviews that were critical of the program leading to glitches and issues with some of the operating systems. After checking, I determined that top to bottom, I ranked it a 3 out of 5 as per the user reviews, despite the concerns i had
It attempts to remove AMD software from the PC while making the PC more appealing in terms of updating it. For my personal computer in general, I believe it is beneficial as it helps clear up audio drivers and older registry entries. It is available on any PC platform, and it is free. This should be a necessity for any computer user.
This is the first time I have tried this software, and the way he helped me out is amazing. With this program, I can erase all previous AMD drivers installed on my computer that I installed. All files related to AMD drivers are automatically scanned for the program and erased on my PC.
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