Amazing Any Data Recovery

by Amazing-Share

A Windows-based data recovery tool

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Amazing-Share

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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You can recover data with Windows easily using any data recovery program. The computer's ability to recover data makes it an amazing computer anywhere, and its ease of operation makes it suitable for everyday work.

Having a good understanding of data recovery processes, plus a desire to keep data on computers, as well as file loss, or a lack of formatting, can contribute to the use of this software. And the lost file may be in any disk type includes NTFS, FAT, FAT32, etc. The lost file may be stored in a laptop, desktop PC, external hard drive, USB disk, flash drive, SD memory card, digital camera, recording pen drive, etc.

This software supports a large number of file format recognition, include: In the advanced options, you may select from all types of files, including office documents, archived files, photo files, audio files, video files, and other system files.

Easily navigate a full set of features including visualization: When using the software, virtually all tasks can be visualized. The source recovery file selections, their recognized formats, a file type selection, as well as the location the saved files may be located. An external disk, directories, host disk as a recovery location, along with files, directories, disks, etc. You'll see the preview before selection of a recovery object.

It is available for free to startups, freelancer, programmers, system administrators, and professional experts.

Able to recovery any type of data from anywhere in windows system include external disk

  • Most recovery file format support includes a photo, video, document archived, an office file, etc.
  • Photo file type: bmp, gif, jpg, png, psd, tif etc.
  • Audio file type: mp3, wav, mid, m4a, mp4, wma, etc.
  • Video file type: rmvb, avi, rm, wmv, mpeg, asf, mp4, etc.
  • Versatile storage recognition for host disks, USB disks, and SD card
  • Easiest operation in select source and destination path and location
  • Each operation will show the total object’s count and disk occupied size for the easiest estimation.
  • Automatic rollback of an operation if it is in an emergency situation.
Have you ever lost files which were vital to a particular task oed data files that was crucial for something that you were doing? Have you ever messed up and messed up the delete function on a program that you didn't intend to play? Do you have any know what you should r accidentally deleted files that you didn't mean to, and you tried everything you knew how to y accidentally deleted files that you My name is Paul and I am here to tell you something exciting. I recommend an amazing Any Data Recovery for Windows. When my laptop worked again, it was as though all my files had vanished. As a tech friend (yes, those fellow engineers are friends in IT) and as I tried to figure out how to recovery databases, I picked up on Amazing Any Data Recovery. After taking a few minutes to figure it out, I finally recovered all of my files that I suspected to have disappeared. I still cannot believe it. It feels great to recover your missing files.
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