by EstSoft

A popular archive and compression software, made by ETS Software.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: EstSoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ALZip is an archive and compression software from ESTsoft, which can compress or extract any file from over 40 different zip file formats. In its original release country, it was only available in South Korea, however, eventually it gained the support of over twenty countries on the market and for absolutely no monetary gain - despite its efficiency, popularity and efficiency - Freeware refers to it as an eclassified as freeware. Because of its intuitive design, as well as the ease of use of the user interface, it is different from its competitors.


  • With one mouse click, it's possible to unZIP and unzip files.
  • Supports over 40 Zip formats
  • Intuitive design and easy to use
  • Allows users to customize the program to their needs
  • Has the ability to recover lost passwords on restricted ZIP files
  • Supports ZIP, EGG (which has the best compression), TAR, TGZ
  • Supports Unicode
  • Can open CD image files such as ISO, virtual CD files (LCD), create self-extracting files (EXE)
  • Integration of antivirus software.

A popular archive and compression program that doesn't require any other added features, except showing occasionally intrusive advertisements, and that is completely free. This model was initially implemented with licensing fees, but as technology improved, the market for consumer products became obsolete.

This software offers an amazing range of benefits over conventional archive and compression programs for its exceptionally fast speeds, ease of use and intuitive design.

The main purpose of ALZip is to archive files, ZIP, and Unzip them, which it does efficiently when compared to its competitors, due to its smooth transfer. Other users may also choose to open CD image files such as ISO and BIN with ALZip. Moreover, other options are available such as supporting Unicode, the integration of antivirus software to protect the user's files and computer, as well as password recovery in case the user forgets or loses the password.

The interface was designed for the modern user with Windows contextual windows and clearly visible icons. As you will discover in the instructions on how to install ALZip, the publisher has clearly provided support.

  • Available in both 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • Completely free

ALZip 7.52 (6.55 MB)
ALZip (9.56 MB)
ALZip 8.51 (6.6 MB)
This program compressed and unzipd documents so you didn't have to repeat them or compress them incorrectly. When released in SK agains, it may be available everywhere. Zip, egg, tsz, tar, and can also acceptunicode with this program. In comparison with other systems, it is much more efficient.
Kris Patel
Windows offers one program that makes it simple to create different archived zip files based on zipped file folders. The purpose is basically to split zip files in different directions. Zip Windows zip files are compressed or shortened and included in zips. The purpose of these is to ensure there is less space taken up by an unformatted hard drive in comparison with the compressed data. If you prefer, you can use Alzip Archive Utility. This includes many other benefits that one could have in place of other tools. Due to the very high performance of Microsoft products, Alzip Archive provides excellent conversions, as the project it was developed as and was created as a feature of Microsoft. With regards to its software and security products, Microsoft is considered to have the most outstanding products in the computer and technology industry. 7 is an alternative competitor to Alzip.Zip, which performs a similar procedure to Alzip, but it is older and has more errors, and it is less efficient to move files from one format to another. Almost all websites offer this utility program free of charge, so it is very easy to download and install. People who deal with large amounts of information would benefit the most from this program. conversion provides many different devices with similar operating systems and programming languages that can provide users with a central operating system for access to the information. On the other hand, you can use Alzip Archive Utility to move some folder or other from your hard drive to another, making it more convenient for saving valuable storage spaces or transferring large amounts of data.
William Heiser
Among the many tools alZip can be used to save e-Books.Reduce your archiving and compression costs by purchasing a program to increase their speed. ESTsoft worked closely with people who were frustrated with ZIP file limitations when creating ALZip for Windows 2000, then working on ALZip for Window 10. In a bit of an upset, this program may not compress useful files anymore as soon as you run it on a device, PC, or laptop. To make space more effectively, you may have to uninstall a few files.
As an alternative, as RAR and ZIP, alzip works wonderful as a tool for compression. There are a few other formats that ALZip handles, as well, including TAR, TGZ, and e other methods that ALZip can handle include TAR, TGZ, and a host of other formats. A major benefit of ALZip is the option to open ISO and other CD images, including ones associated with CDs. In addition, you will benefit from the archive capabilities available via traditional management options.
users can organize and compress different types of files with ALZIP. With this application, users are protected against phishing attacks, infected viruses, and given an option to create their own repositories. As well as offering 21 languages, this archive program is even capable of letting people know whether things have gone smoothly. For file management as well as productivity, this program is excellent.
The ALZip software is easy to understand. Whenever you have a video file, you can easily zip it up and upload it. ALZip is a program for opening ISO and CD images. Software such as this allows for good integration of various components. It is extremely efficient for us to zip very efficiently and limit the amount of memory storages on the network. You can use ALZip on Mac, iOS, Android, PCs and Macs.
It is true that I have never used ALZIP for Windows, but I have heard from some of my close friends and family members that they have.My plans to try out this program will depend on knowing more about it. My favourite aspect about unzipping zip files are the possibilities you can select 40 archives in the ZIP file folder. The home business I run at the moment would benefit greatly from this opportunity. Due to the number of employees I have, I think this factor will help me make money more consistently.task. The fact that this program is free is something I like as well. In today's ailing economy, this program is a huge advantage, since funds are limited. As soon as I get the chance, I plan to download this program.
It's great software for me to use. The device works wonderfully and is easy to use. As well as the UI, it has a stylish look; The app is really appealing now, which you ought to do. The program is working so far with any type of file. I highly recommend it since it's FREE.
If you're looking for compression software to download, I suggest taking a look at ALZip. Using this tool, I'm able to compress and make zip files so simple as a Windows 10 user.year-There is no reason why an old person cannot do it. Additionally, there is a free trial version available, so you can try it out for a few minutes.!!!! I believe that there are no fees associated with trying it out. My promise is that this will be a wonderful purchase once you try it. Windows 8-The other ten also accept the offer. I'm sure you can use it on a laptop as well!! ZIP, EGG, TAR, and multiple others all work with AlZip. In the event the concert displeased you, I would pay for it.
Using AlZpip on the Windows operating system is the best way to zip up some files. All that I have come to learn is that it has not let me down. It makes it easy for you to zip files quickly and accurately. My computer is not able to take up so much space. There are multiple formats for saving files. Some files can be archived quickly.
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