Alt-Tab Thingy

by Nymithium Technologies

A device for Windows that restores Alt-Tab job and improves your desktop.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Nymithium Technologies

Release: Alt-Tab Thingy 4.0.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Alt-Tab Thingy for Windows is a device that returns the Alt-Tab job to its place. The Task Switcher is another name for it.

Alt-Tab Thingy for Windows is an effective and bendable instrument. During the switching between programs, you can do it in an easy way. is extremely careful, however. offers a large selection of features and options, in addition to convenient bonuses, as well.

Windows programs that are aged in some way can now be turned around with the handy Alt-Tab Thingy.

Numerous languages are available and are compatible with Microsoft Windows programs.

Thingy's arrangement tray symbol is able to accept twice as many attachments from Alt-Tab. Systems communication is one way to communicate in Settings. As an extra, a Preview Pane is included in the Windows Task Switcher packet.

With Taskbar Preview and Minimize Switch, and with a black list of apps that have been reserved for the Task List in the Settings, Windows appears opaque. Ghosting moves render windows invulnerable.

It is difficult to coordinate many small actions. If you choose an alternative window, a window that reduces it to become the taskbar or system tray is quite logical.

Among other options, there are moves of present jobs, the ability to turn off the Alt key requirement to lower the Alt, and options to set the mouse to automatically move when there are more scrollbars, rotate objects by instinct and minimize any Explorer foreground.

When you use the Alt-Tab keys, you're able to unfold the Task List, just like old-fashioned Windows. However, it isn't cost-effective to use the console, so people choose programs with their mouse.

With its handy features, the Preview Pane can function as an information repository for selecting an arrangement of Task Actions, as well as assigning options s in addition to placing choices such as ghosting each time at the peak and task classifying.

Windows Alt-Tab Thingy may be ideal for you in that it utilizes the tTab keyboard layout. Your desktop can be assisted by it in so many ways.


  • I can see what is happening in your window beforehand.
  • Adjusts windows by ticking any place on the window.
  • There is an arrangement tray, which helps you to reduce windows.
  • By subtly lessens or shuts Explorer windows, we can control our instinct.
  • Chooses the computer key from a list of available ones.

As a system for moving titles and objects, windows tracks these actions.

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