by ESTsoft

A free universal media player that allows you to play videos without needing additional codecs

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ESTsoft

Release: ALShow 2.01

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ALShow is a free easy to use media player for Windows that comes equipped with codecs so that nothing is required for you to be able to play movies.


  • Plays DVD, VOB, IFO, AVI, MPEG, WMV, ASF, ASX and over 30 media formats
  • Supports FLV files such as YouTube video downloads
  • Automatically downloads missing codecs from its online codec center
  • Supports audio and video capture so you can create your own audio and video clips to share

ALShow serves as a video and audio player for Windows, allowing you to play what you want without a problem. Users use it to create bookmarks (along with descriptions, if applicable), so it's possible to revisit any part of a video in the future. user's ability to modify their viewing experience. Its features include fast forwarding, rewind, repeat, and replaying videos according to the user's preference. One of the cool things about ALShow is the screen capture function, which lets you record audio and video with no need to move around too much. This makes it easier to deal with missing codec situations and not have to search or wonder on your own if something is not supported. With ALShow, it is automatically possible to find the missing codec. Watching videos can be easy as this is because you have the ability to work with different file extensions and codecs.

Plays over 30 media formats

Customizable layout and interface and ALShow also allow you to customize your menu options for ease of use.

This makes it easier to deal with missing codec situations and not have to search or wonder on your own if something is not supported. With ALShow, it is automatically possible to find the missing codec.

  • Licensed as freeware for Windows 32 bit and 64 bit systems without restrictions.
  • Currently, ALShow is available as free to download and use.
ALShow 1.7 (7.97 MB)
ALShow 2.01 (11.37 MB)
There are many formats of video available through ALShow, and it is free and easy for users to adjust. With this program, you can play the videos with out interference. It has the capability to create your own audio and video clips, so it's like your own personal video editing program.
It's not just about the games ALShow is one of my new favorite things - The fact that I can watch anything at anytime is awesome to me because I love movies. It is frequently my choice to watch DVDs along with YouTube programming. In other cases, the format is nice since you can stream something right there to that person. bookmarking, so when you visit the middle, you will be able to find the place you were.
You should consider it as one of your computer's cool features. You can browse media files as well as other video files on your computer with this software. Web video downloads are possible using this software as well as audio downloads. You can use this program to manage media files on your computer in fun and helpful ways.
As a rule of thumb, you should watch as many different types of videos as possible in Windows in order to ensure you won't run into any codec problems. While most popular media viewers, such as Windows Media Player, utilize codecs to ensure that all videos are seen, different video codec implementations exist for each kind of video. You can easily perform ALShow on your media player comes with a choice of codecs, which allow it to download more files as and when needed.
Brodie Lilly
You can use this program to view most multimedia files including DVDs, audio CDs, VCDs, and multiple streaming protocols for free. -FREE to download and use -Fast, powerful - simple - -INSTANT. The entire process of removing spyware and keeping tabs on the users is complete. Everything in VLC is supported: play anywhere, anytime. We have a variety of files, discs, webcams, and streaming devices. plays almost all codecs - without codecs packs needed. MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.The program supports MKV, WVM, WMV, MP3, and is available on both PC and Mac OS platforms. Various platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, iOS, and Android are supported.
Using ALShow, users can play multiple files at once without having to manage several different media players to fit the format they want. does what many different media players do in one place, while still letting you interact with many different media players simultaneously. Moreover, it can import/export user videos or choose any other format with subtitles in more than a dozen languages.
With this license-free application, you will be able to record scenes from videos or from the screen, it can also be used as a video player, and, it is definitely worth trying out as it is free to use.
Having reviewed ALShow and its competitors, it's one of the best software players to work with on your Windows computer right now. The number of different choices I made was many. There are still some that I tried. Other than AlShow for Windows, the latter was the lone exception. I thoroughly enjoy this software very much. After using previous versions of it, this is a very comprehensive update.
This app combines many useful tools into a compact and intuitive interface that is easy to use and has a stylish appearance. As well as some very common video formats, like avi, mpg, dat, VOB, and so on, it supports a number of other formats as well. In spite of not support for specific codec, AlShow also offers search and download functions for it from the Web. On a different panel, several icons indicate which format of video is displayed. Using the video formats in this panel, we can tell which format to use. There are many desirable features of this video player, but it lacks many of them, such as the library management for AlShow. There have also been reports that video players sometimes stop working abruptly on different devices.
The result of my experience with this program has been good, because there are times when a file gets corrupted when I play the same files through windows media or even with vLC, but if I play the same files using this program it will fix it as well.
it for every person without codec or an anit is very important for the users who did not have the codec? I recommend it for all those people who have a specific code of something mp4 software is a great software and it is very important for the users who did not have the codec
With ALShow for Windows, you can avoid buffering music and video files. Through it, you have access to your content much quicker. you place your videos on loop while you allow its users to install the most recent codecs without searching or downloading directly from its website!!
The ALShow for Windows media player has a variety of codecs that I prefer to use so your videos can view without having any codec snags due to the wide range of features it has. In addition, ALShow will search for a file you need and automatically search for that file, so you don't have to manually install it while the other part is not involved.
Thanks to ALSow, I can watch video in all formats and on any device. Previously, Windows Media Player wouldn't play some of the videos I downloaded from the internet, however before it came to be known as Windows Media Player but frequently didn't show movies I downloaded. The problem with ALShow for Windows was never a problem with ALShow for Windows. This program gives me access to the entire library of downloaded movies and TV shows. Additionally, I find the hard disk does not take up too much space and very easy to use.
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