AlomWare Reset

by AlomWare

An app that closes background programs and windows that are running

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AlomWare

Release: AlomWare Reset 4.02

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Through Acerware, you won't have to worry about your PC being shut down or not running properly. You can close all Windows applications and programs in about ten seconds with your PC. By doing this, you get free up your PC's memory and optimizing its performance.system processes. There is also a unique functionality in Alomware called "snapshot.". Snapshots can be taken of all the running processes in your business, and your memories can be saved. In addition to opening additional programs or applications, you can click the button and Alomware will restore your snapshot to its original state, and once you are done, you can jump back in time to the present day.

Thanks to the simple software Alomeans offers and its one-click compatibility, you can use Alomeans anywhere and anytime.A few of the many ways it is enticed to consumers can be found below. There are only certain versions of Windows that are compatible; Windows 10, 9, 8, and 7 are the only ones compatible, as well as XP. The app has about 80,000 downloads in total. In the case of a fresh start for gamers, this can be incredibly beneficial. You can use this method to take an overview of your setup at work while providing the same easy-to-install interface. With this app, you won't have to re reboot your PC every day, which is helpful if you have to do so frequently. Aside from Alosoft being free to try, the software will also be able to be uninstalled very quickly if it doesn't meet your needs. In the event Alomware removes something which isn't meant to be removed, key information will need to be saved. Aside from reducing PC power consumption, Alomware might also be able to reduce the amount of stress in your computer.


Frees space on your RAM and reduces CPU usage
  • Snapshot your current processes and return to them
  • No need to restart or shut-down
  • Compatible with Windows 10,9,8,7, Vista and XP
  • Clears Clipboard and recent document list
  • Simple to use
Aside from scrubbing unwanted running processes from the system, it acts as a system reboot by making the system run again. In addition, you will be able to easily close all windows at once, rather than individually. In addition to closing down crashed apps, this will give your computer more room to function so that you can work quickly once more.
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