by Alltunes

A multiple platform music player application

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Alltunes

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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A music utility, Alltunes enables users to search, buy, and download songs. provides a quick and simple way for users to buy and download music at an affordable price thanks to its user-friendly interface. Using Alltunes is something new to your usual browser.Unlike other music sites, Alltunes requires you to use its own software rather than a website for registering, purchasing, and downloading the music. People are unsure of their relationship to this requirement. Having a centralized location for all your songs is a nice plus, whereas a web browser is also a plus. My personal favorite application is for those who use it no matter what device they use.


  • Integrated payment system.
  • Quick incremental search.
  • All music players work.
  • The payment information you provide is protected when the transactions take place.
  • Free to use.
  • A small file size and rapid download.

Alltunes has numerous restrictions on it, but as a matter of fact, there are millions of songs it can listen to. The inability for iTunes users to get music from other sources is an example of this. The only thing they need is to buy their music from the iTunes store. With Alltunes, it's easy to pick up your favorite tunes from multiple sources. In addition, alltunes will grant the user access to payment information and allow them to make music purchases. What's more, I'm not in the mood to hand over my credit card details when ordering through the internet. Because all users are unaware that their credit card information is being recorded,tunes circumvents the problem. A SSL 3.0 connection is what causes this.Your information is sent directly to the credit card processor by this software. I was surprised by how much Alltunes is significantly cheaper than both iTunes and Amazon. If you continue to ignore the song costs over time, you can incur serious costs. If you make a lot of purchases of digital music, it may be worth your time to use Alltunes.

Use the application to search, purchase, and download popular music.

Windows XP/2000/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Finding and getting your own music is possible now. The program allows users to keep track of their spending and is easy to use. In addition to offering what's new in music, iTunes for Windows offers artists who are also releasing new albums. There's no cost for you to download it. This music store has one of the largest collections of music available anywhere. We offer an unlimited number of genres of music. offers you everything you are looking for, at a reasonable price, with an easy user interface. Most formats work great with it. Get it for free right now.
I appreciate this software - I have a long list of friends who use it - it is definitely worth the cost with its ability to offer cuts and paste options for the songs; but it can also be used as the song maker, which is an extremely useful tool that can help with the composition
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