All My Movies

by Bolide Software

Software for collecting and organizing movies and video files, integrated with a barcode scanner

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Bolide Software

Release: All My Movies 8.9.1462

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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All My Movies for Windows originated as shareware when it was released to the market in 2003 and was further developed by Bolide through the cooperation of Amazon services and various other API's to provide lightning-Databasing for most types of video files in a quick and accurate, .avi, .With any barcode reader, mp4 file compatibility is available (i.e. 4 and so on). All My Movies works by pulling descriptions from many popular online movie databases such as IMDB, TheTVDB, and more. Moreover, you won't be required to enter data manually after harvesting the data since it will populate the relevant data automatically.

With your advanced watch statistic tracking, obtaining cast and crew information through extended posters, adding journal entries after a film, etc., you can keep an account of all the times you spent making this film. seamlessly import and export your movie lists and data using any format you choose.csv, .xlsl, .pdf, .html, .txt, .chm, and more.

A private database as well as a dedicated network has networking capabilities that allow you to share data, and have access to your favorite movies from any device via email or through any smart phone. With our free database, print your detailed reports based on any number of parameters. Use our app to create

There is no need to download any third-party player like VLC or Windows Media Player for All My Movies due to its built-in player. The on-A board media player can take and save screen shots of any file you own, as well as create video albums of your favorite cinema and television moments.

Organization of a massive amount of video files almost instantly

  • Multi-The automatic level of backup is set on the system. Don't let a file slip away again.
  • Home networking - share your data across multiple computers in your home
  • Automatic data population from reliable sources
  • Save screencaps directly to your Downloads folder
  • A full spectrum of format compatibility
  • Syncs with your mobile device for streaming on the go
  • Get a range of statistics on personal tv and movie viewership
  • Seamless UI and UX - easy to navigate and sort movies based on a variety of parameters
  • Password protection optional - Protect your database
  • Make multiple playlists of all your favorite videos; We don't need to pick any one!!


It is designed for Windows in only one instance. My downloads have increased as a result of it. This is a secure and safe website. Get the latest movies downloaded instantly using the High-Speed Data Download function, with excellent sound and video quality. When you download movies, they are organized according to their contents. It supports all types of media files as well as having a user-friendly interface.Friendly. The safest way to download movies is to use a movie downloader that is safe. A thousand versions are available including the latest versions.
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