Exe Icon Changer logo
These programs enable you to modify the icon of an executable depending on the type of software.
Desktop Icon Toy logo
Patterns can be created from desktop icons using an enhancement tool.
DesktopOK logo
A desktop icon saving and restoring program that can be used to save desktop icons.
IconPackager logo
You can change the desktop icon for Windows by changing the switch to the lower left corner.
Folderico logo
This icon changing software works with Windows for easy renaming photos.
Wise Icon Maker logo
By using Wise Icon Maker, you can convert all graphics into 32-bit, create icons, and extract graphics.Icon bit colour depth Icon bit color depth Icon
Microangelo Creation logo
Computer icons and pointers can be edited with these software utilities.
Mighty Mouse logo
An easy mouse with cordless features that will be installed in under half the time.
IconTo logo
Icon for windows that represents the icons for that program.
Mindomo Desktop logo
The desktop version of this thought maper.