by Algoryx

2D-simulation software from publisher Algoryx Simulation AB.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Algoryx

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Algodoo teaches you the basics of physics. It is completely free to use and learn, even if you don't know it yet.


  • large and active community
  • physic simulation include fluids, springs, hinges, motors, thrusters, light rays, tracers, etc
  • teaches basic physics
  • many different parameters like gravity, friction, restitution, refraction, attraction
  • users can create and share specific lessons
  • great for classroom teachers
  • a very large number of variables to play with.

Algodoo is a great program that teaches yours about science and physics using fantastic art. You can analyze and visualize by using Algodoos' graphs and visualization forces, velocities, and momentum, you can even show the X/Y components and angles. Using Algodoo you can create drawing tools such as boxes, circles, etc. by dragging and dropping them onto your objects. It lets you tilt and jiggle and click and drag objects as well. Algodoo has a large community, so saving and sharing your images can be incredibly easy. Over 50,000 community scenes can also be viewed and downloaded from our site. If you're an advanced user of Algodoo, you may choose to do the impossible. Although not technically an advanced user, you are able to use a variety of different objects and settings on top of your current computer. Many useful tutorials and tools are available to students so they can learn to use Algodoo in a small group of middle and high school students. Physics is used to make multiphysics simulations using Algodoo. A mechanical integrator can have varied benefits, as well as be high performing.performance numerical methods. is both functional on windows and Mac OS platforms; it can be used with a number of systems such as the SMART board as well. This seems to be a perfect tool to teach students the importance of physics in real life.

Explains the science of physics to you!!

The program/app is now completely free to use, so you are welcome to donate to support it.

This program by Algoryx introduces you to science and physics with the use of amazing arts. During middle and high school, students can take it. To gain the knowledge required, you will need a good amount of information and apps available. This technology is currently being used by Algodoo. This program and app are both great.
Cameron Olguin
The level of physics knowledge provided by this software is amazing, it is easy to learn, and has no difficulty spanning the for everybody!
physics and allows the user to create them - Algodoo's web appThe user will have access to realistic models that incorporate objects. The mere possibility of limitless possibilities exists in Algodoo, despite it being regarded as a sandbox simulator. There are plenty of resources at Algodoo for assisting children and teens, as well as a way for them to see and learn something new. The unique edutainment product combined with an active online community will likely prove to provide a long-term learning experience for you.
This fun and interactive physics game allows users to work with physics to express themselves in their own way. The program provides students, instructors, and anyone wanting to learn physics how to design a physics design and a tool for professionals both at an initial level of animation and engineering design. It can be used as a serious program or as an educational tool.based design. Educators should use Algodoo, since its software runs on almost any computer platform, including tablets and smartboards, tools used in the classroom. By requiring participants to sign up for a Algodoo software account in order to use it, it instructs the user how to use it rather than assuming they know the language. Using strokes, dragging, tilting, and coloring, users can create games and animations. In addition to original designs, Algodoo has an option to share your ideas.generated levels. By adding the Algodoo software to your computer, there is also also the promise that it will never restrict users.
Free of charge, the wonderful program Algodoo works amazing. Physical systems have to be interacted with and concepts such as physics are applied to fully understand them. The environment may be filled with so many activities and resources that can help you master it. The program comes with many great and helpful materials that you can use and create an environment yourself.
Are you interested in practicing physics?? Are you looking for something else? Then go download this app. Play this app and learn physics as you learn it for fun. Through the physics gameplay app, you can make and play with graphs and visualizations to improve your mathematical knowledge. I recommend this app to all students at any level; regardless of whether you are in college or high school.
You can download Algodoo free of charge for Windows from the Algodoo online store. Additionally, the PayPal method of payment is a form of funding to make a contribution to this software and its numerous features. There are both Windows and Mac versions of this software available even on the go. Good software that's both reliable and gives users good functionality is provided by Oracle.
In addition to teaching users about physics and science, Algodoo uses art as a teaching tool. You can even view angles with it since it provides graphs for analysis. When you're using the shake and tilt feature, you can interact with objects as well as drag them. There is a huge community of teachers, they teach basic physics for beginners, and users can even create and share lessons here.
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