Alaborn iStyle

by Alaborn Applications, Inc.

Alaborn iStyle is a program for editing texts and HTML code

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Alaborn Applications, Inc.

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Alaborn iStyle is a program for editing texts and HTML code. With it, you can highlight HTML syntax, create templates for formatting documents and learn what is in the code specification with reference materials built into the program. It was important for the developers to make the code simpler so that the user could finish it. Wizards support a lot of common actions (requiring links, images, effects, scripts, tables, etc.). Alaborn iStyle supports HTML5 and allows you to view editable web pages in the built-in browser. There is a feature that helps you work with multiple clipboards (including its own), and you have free access to many free templates, scripts, etc. from the Alaborn iStyle Online service. In addition to tutorials on HTML, CSS, PHP, Perl, JS, CGI, MySQL and password generators, the bundle contains various utilities that assist you on the Internet. The program also includes numerous online services of the Alaborn available to users.RU website.

You can use Alaborn iStyle to customize plain text and HTML code without needing to do anything special. It's ideal for those looking to edit plain text and HTML code both in one place. HTML syntax can be highlighted, as well as resources that you can bring with you, such as the reference materials.
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