Aiseesoft FoneTrans

by Aiseesoft Studio

Having data transfer between iOS mobile devices and computers as easy as possible.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Aiseesoft Studio

Release: Aiseesoft FoneTrans 9.0.12

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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One of the most crucial components for achieving a vision is allowing users to manage all their data at one location. The Aiseesoft FoneTrans for Windows allows for the user to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone, from iPhone to iPad, from iPhone to iPod touch, from iPhone to iTunes, iPhone to PC, from any iOS device to iOs device, from iOS to PC, and vice versa. It is important to have these functions every time you wish to upload pictures to one cloud server or wish to ensure the accessibility of your music library, or when your phone needs to be updated or when you wish to export your data. The Aiseesoft FoneTrans for Windows supports transferring contacts, photos, videos, music, books, PDF, and many more.


  • iOS hardware and mobile operating platforms export and import iOS files.
  • More easily transfers data between old and new devices.
  • When you use Media Preview or Photo Preview you don't have to deal with searching for pictures and videos.
  • Music IDs3 Editor identifies MP3 music; Playlist management and Album management organizes data

Not only does the Aiseesoft FoneTrans for Windows transfer and support a wide range of files, but the software also manages data. keep your songs organized and to your liking, you can utilize a Playlist Manager. ID3 allows the artist, the album track, and the title of your original files to be found; The tool uses metadata to let you distinguish between the tracks. The song "Disc 1, Song 1" is a much more melodic and engaging song.e. generic labeling). An album can be organized into a specific genre or era via the Album Manager. The Media Preview and Photo Preview in Aiseesoft FoneTrans for Windows allow the user to save valuable time when archiving and organizing your data. Furthermore, duplicate contacts are removed, causing the memory to be reduced.

Simplifys the data transfer process.

In conclusion, the Aiseesoft FoneTrans for Windows serves as a backup system to a variety of multimedia files to the iOS devices, PC and iTunes. Using your pictures and videos to document or preserve your memories assures your safety and security.

Whenever you need to transfer music, you should use Aiseesoft. Multiple older devices are running on my Windows computer, so that I can move music from one machine to another. Anyone who wants to move their music collection to a laptop will find this useful.
Using Aiseesoft files can be transferred and sent to and from windows computers or to computers I use to transfer images or videos to. It works very well, and it is easy to use and has saved me lots of time and frustration by forcing me to find alternate means at least for transferring
Murray Cornejo
AixsoftFoneTrans manages iOS data with an OS transfer software. With it, you can have all your data saved in case of an emergency in which iPhones unexpectedly need to be swapped. This program is available on both Windows 7 and Windows 8. A good example of a product that will benefit you financially if you value your wireless data. Using the Aiseesoft FoneTrans features is not just possible - you are able to export SMS messages and remember them as a precaution down the road or have your messages preserved for your future needs. An option exists to personalize your own ringtones with any audio of your choosing from your iPod, iPad, or iPhone apps.
The application is quite simple to use (especially useful for people who own an Apple product and a PC). Everything can be seen from a single perspective - The option for working from home is certainly a nice choice, as iTunes is no longer useful for such things. It is simple and straightforward to export your files. You can recommend it to anyone with multiple devices if you already own it.
All versions of this IOS data conveyor software and administration software for Macs are available, as is it offered by Aiseesoft Studio with English, Chinese, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Polish support available.There are many types of media and data that you can exchange among users Mac and IOS devices using this program; music, contact information, videos and photos.In addition to Syncing documents to PC from IOS phones, IOS device files are also usable via the iTunes App as well. It has been years since we were able to upscale lower resolution videos to 4K using this program.
With its software package, FoneTrans it is possible to transfer videos, music, photos, as well as other multimedia files of users iOS device to another iOS device. If you receive a new phone and need a tool for transferring specific multimedia files, FoneTrans could be your first choice It's also useful if you're taking your iPad, or your music files, on vacation to the beach so you can transfer your content on your iPhone to your iPad. In addition, the software can assist users in managing their data by suggesting songs in alphabetical order, or by identifying the music playing by specific artists in an album without name recognition. Users are able to easily use this application.
In Aiseesoft's FoneTrans for Windows, iOS devices can be connected with PC devices using data communication. With the software, you can initiate data transfer with one click. All of your IOS and MAC devices can therefore be synced. The app can be used to upscale a low-quality video to 4K video, manage the files on PC as well as IOS devices, export a device file to iTunes, and even act as an iTunes replacement. Data such as email is supported all across these devices. All sorts of materials can be taken into consideration, such as music videos, PDFs, podcasts, iTunes data, photos, contacts and so on. By distributing information into as many different devices as possible, this application will increase the safety of the user. Try it yourself and thanks you later when you can.
A DATA TRANSFER AND MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE IS CONFIGURATIVE. It allows for transferring not just photos, but also contact information, news photos, music recordings, and videos into one interface. I USE THIS FOR A FEW USEFUL PROJECTS. THE LEARNING CURTENNESS OF THIS SYSTEM WILL BE DIRECT INTRITABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT. The company's products included powerful advanced tools. It is easy to manage the data by hand.
For transferring data between Apple devices including iPhones and iPads via computer, the Aiseesoft FlightTrans software is suitable. Therefore, it works ios 6 and higher, so it works on an iPhone with a high performance. Updates include access to backups and the ability to manage photos. There are multiple video and photo files in it, including both iOS and Windows folders. To use it, you must have Windows XP or higher.I am unsure about Windows 10 and am not sure what its s about windows 10.
Here is the perfect way to save time using an iphone sms message archive. quickly and easily: We offer a number of customizer software applications to manage your contacts, including importing our apps to convert HEIC images, as well as sending and receiving emails via Apple ID. Import Your iTunes iTunes Data is a very useful application as it is not currently available that has great performance.
Transferring data between a device and another, for example switching from an old device to a new one, is possible with this sata software. The iPhone should not be taken into consideration as a PC does not require an app to be added as a result; if it does it would work for you to save or copy files. In addition to handling your music, the program is also used for graphics.
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