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A multi-device mirroring receiver for Windows 10 Desktop

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: App Dynamic ehf

Release: AirServer 5.5.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Miracast, Airplay, Google Cast, and mirroring, a program that gives your screen from your phone to display on a TV or computer, are some of the major platforms that utilize mirroring. AirServer works with Intel processors to ensure that the CPU use is kept to a minimum. It can also use 60 frames per second, which provides a very smooth casting process even with choppy environments. Starting at 14 it's tough.The day trial isn't long enough to determine whether or not it's an ideal fit for you at this time. You have enough time to check all of your devices on this program.


  • The screen will be automatically detected in this package and correctly displayed, as opposed to seeing images in a vertical or horizontal orientation, due to its Smart Layout algorithm, which means it automatically detects its placement in the file folder to accurately display what it sees on the laptop screen, for example.
  • It's a one-As for other applications to enhance the mirroring process, do your research, in that these do not need installation. Everything you need is already built into the AirServer app.
  • Chromebooks, IOS 12, Windows 10, and many other operating systems are supported. On Chromebook users, you can cast from their Chromebook tabs as well as their iPhones and iPads.
  • There is no third-party vendor included in this app and every update is distributed within the Microsoft Store, so no one can worry about getting updates from suspect providers, or getting updates from third parties.

The airserver program is an amazing program that allows you to get most of your work done on your desktop, with no need to install any additional apps, external hard drives, or buy software specifically configured for that task. You can really streamline everything with this app. We all use different providers, and sometimes finding a solution for each one can be challenging, and it could make me think, "What are they looking at?" AirServer is definitely able to handle it. You can use the software on both your personal computer as well as for business purposes.

You can mirror all your devices with one piece of software instead of having to download multiple programs for different devices with this software.

Using only 2GB of memory, Windows 10 versions 6 and 7 are required to run this software. 19 dollars gets you into the museum.A 99-dollar bill will follow a 14-dollar trial.

Jack Ryan
You can use AirServer to mirror and cast anything from a large array of sources in a much easier way - most particularly if you intend to host a lot of parties or use services such as ChromeCast in a professional setting. Please do not have your audience watch you fiddle with your software over the course of five minutes.
Chris Morgan
It is inexpensive to try on the equipment if the need is there, and you can't refuse to try it. Because Microsoft and the certification of its update are part of it, I appreciate it. Rather than casting using a phone, an Chromebook seems more practical. In addition, it is well-suited to multiple platforms. Chromebook users or anyone who develops an app for the phone or tablet may like to find this valuable as you can show and work with things and cast them to potential clients or other members of the audience.
With AirServer for Windows, you can stream any kind of content from the best to the best quality. Make movies from your Xbox in your bedroom to your big screen, or create videos from the screen on your tablet. A client that uses AirServer's features makes a great choice between AppleTV and AppleTV Pro because AirServer boasts half the cost and half the features.
In addition to gaming, AirServer also finds its way into education. There are very few options in the program, but the one thing you can do is project your screen onto a projector using the simple software. is 60 frames per second, whereas other programs which mirror at 30 frames per second are silky smooth. Thanks to the fact that everything is built in, there is no need to install third party dodgy programs onto a client's device, which makes displaying information quick and easy on the client. Overall, this program provides both business presentations and educational sessions.
Using AirServer Universal, you can pair your device's display with another screen that has an input switch, making it easier to use it. even has Linux-like functionality. This is an excellent choice for me.
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