by Sand Studio

Enables you to share things over internet

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Sand Studio

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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AirDroid is a sophisticated software solution that allows you to remotely manage the content of your Android device and communicate with it via a Wi-Fi hotspot. For correct operation of AirDroid it is necessary to create an account in the service, as well as install mobile and desktop clients on both devices, between which the transfer will be carried out. During setup, you will need to connect to a wireless access point on the premises prior to using the account. Then, once you have access to your account, you can start using it.

Also integrated into this program are the ability to synchronizing and exchanging contacts, responding to and editing SMS messages, working with the call history, and a host of other applications. AirDroid recently became adept at setting up duplicate pop-ups as well.You can now access notifications from your mobile device on your PC as well. There can only be a certain number of notifications displayed at a time if users can enable or minimize the desktop client. Both incoming messages and calls will also be duplicated.

For a fee, the user may transfer 200 megabytes from a device to another each month. A Premim subscription will increase this volume.

- Without connection using USB to access data;

- can duplicate pop-This feature will notify portable devices when they receive notifications on the computer;.

- Provides you with the ability to use the SMS and phone book sections;

- Google allows Android devices to be accessed via a web interface;. offers a very convenient web interface for managing the content of Android devices;

- Strong E2EE encryption is used for transferring data.

Having access to each of my files with Airdroid is incredible. Pictures, photos, texts, or music is all acceptable in this format!! With this app, I can transfer my files quickly and easily with no cable. Despite being in Los Angeles, I am not limited in what I can transfer over Airdroid. Also, the option to let your text messages or calls pass in is perfect, which keeps everything clean.
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