Air Keyboard

by SkyGears

Wireless keyboards offer the best of both worlds with iPad.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SkyGears

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Air Keyboard gives you a unique opportunity to use your iPad, iPhone and OS Android devices as a wireless keyboard for your computer. Air Keyboard literally means "air keyboard". In this name you can describe what it all means. Wi-Fi will make your new keyboard compatible with your computer.Fi network. Set up your own Wi-Fi system.Set up a Fi network on your device, then connect the computer to it using the network. Next, launch the Air Keyboard program and use your air keyboard.

And now a little bit about the functions of this application. The software may seem like a standard utility that provides an exact keyboard, yet that is not the case. A number of interesting features have been added as a result of developments in this field. Different keyboard and virtual mouse modes are available for selecting from. It may be located, displayed, or measured in a specific location. Unlike a computer, you can only switch to the keyboard or the mouse to operate it. The simplest way to remotely control your presentation would be to switch to presentation remote control, which looks amazing. Those are not the only modes of play. The game mode as well. Then you can set the hotkeys you want and create your own keyboard layouts. For your convenience, we've provided all this support. There are also a number of languages and keyboard layouts supported (regardless of whether your computer's keyboard layout is also supported).

- There is also a keyboard available for your iPad, Android and iPhone;

- A Wi connection is necessary for the device to work.Fi;

- different keyboard layouts;

- A virtual mouse; or a video recorder.

- You can download many layouts and languages.

Using Air Keyboard, an iPad, iPhone, or Android device can become a wireless keyboard on one's computer by allowing the user to use his/her mobile device. It's universal appeal comes through in this.
Please try again. The link doesn't work. Since it has an air keyboard, it occupies less space than having a physical mouse pad. With any of your phone, tablet, PC, Mac, or Macbook, you can use your external device to browse the web instantly. As well as being cheaper, it makes more sense.
An interesting idea is to use an air keyboard. Having the ability to switch between devices while teaching or speaking is great, as you'll be able to make a larger presentation more seamless by doing this with your finger tips.
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