by Unlimited Possibilities

This product is intended to diagnose what may be wrong with a PC by analyzing its surroundings.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Unlimited Possibilities

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Report misleading

AIDA32 program is designed to analyze your computer and create reports in a very detailed form, as its hardware (for example, the program shows information about the processor, motherboard, monitor, graphics card, hard drives, etc.), and the software on your PC, namely the program shows information about the operating system, drivers, installed programs, running applications and services, license, etc.

The AIDA32 program is able to test your computer for performance and compare its efficiency level with benchmarks.

Multiple peripherals have been added to the AIDA32.The language interface can be modified based on how your operating system handles localization. Because it is absolutely free of charge and based on an intuitive interface, I can ensure that users of all skill levels will have access to its functionality.

It should be clear to those using AIDA32 software to analyze their computers for the first time and generate reports in a more detailed manner based on its hardware, like motherboards, monitor, graphics cards, hard drives, etc.
Using this tool, you'll find out how your person's computer functions. When the product runs, it is so easy to use. If you want it to function, double click the program icon on your desk.
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