Affinity Designer

by Serif (Europe) Ltd

Windows Graphics Designer of the Year.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Serif (Europe) Ltd

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Affinity Designer is a graphical editor that allows you to retouch and edit photos using advanced color and lighting tools. While its initial design was created for MacOS, a newer version has been released for Windows as well. As of right now, it is in beta testing.

Mode selection is important so that the program can operate effectively. This editor, based on its default configuration, performs vector graphics editing in its default mode. Drawing and export modes can also be switched on. Affinity Designer provides a wide range of vector brushes and palettes with professional color support for drawing.

In general, this editor benefits from its ability to work with layers, use touch controls, edit on 16-bit computers, and more.Make fine-tuning to the bit channel, changing image pixel accuracy, etc. Also adjust the smoothness and gradient on large gigapixel images. Among Affinity Designer's many tools, edge rounding, shape geometry editing, curve management, and edge matching can be found.

By implementing all modern conveniences, the developers built a modern interface for the editor. You can easily manipulate toolbars and manage independent tabs by using the graphical shell. This set of toolbars can indeed be customized, by the way. The number of items in a row can be selected and adjusted. Hot keys are also a possibility for combinations within the editor.

- Raster and vector graphics editing; rendering of animated pictures based on video sequences; ing of raster and vector graphics;

- professional drawing tools;

- Changing pixel information oes to pixel accuracy;

- A customizable geometry of shapes; er geometry of shapes;

- The curve-editing tool and edge rounding can be used;

- Discretionary transformation by duplication; nd transformation of objects;

- Full-screen support for high DPI monitors; uch DPI screen support;

- freely movable toolbars;

- The hotkey combinations available for the customizable actions and their modes of use.

There must be something may need it for all of your art and business designs, including logos, mock interfaces, concept art, and all kinds of things. It is compatible with all major operating systems, including the iPad, and it works on both mediums and art styles, so you can get the most out of the process. It includes quick access to tools and guides for creating great artwork quickly and professionally.
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