Advanced Uninstaller PRO

by Innovative Solutions

A software that allows you to completely uninstall any software from your Windows PC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Innovative Solutions

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Advanced Uninstaller PRO is an application for optimizing the operating system and uninstalling programs installed on the computer. A built-in module called Installation Monitor in Advanced Uninstaller PRO is able to track all changes made to the system by programs installed on your computer. In this way, you can remove them at any time if necessary so that no trace of them can be found. The Advanced Uninstaller PRO can fix problematic registry entries, remove shortcut entries in the Start menu, remove toolbars and plug-ins.Extensions from Mozilla and other browsers that are malicious and harmful. In addition to managing the automatically running applications from Windows, finding and deleting duplicate files and managing system services, clearing the history of websites, as well as deleting files and folders in a safe location (without the ability to remove or change them again, it also offers many other functions). Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome are all supported by this program.

- A clean installation of the programs will do;

- Maintain track of system changes made during the installation of applications.

- Having incorrect entries re entered in the registry;

- Duplicate files can be searched, and deleted;.

- The history of sites and activities at them, including clearing their remains;

- Cannot restore files or folders; d Files and folders (without the ability to restore them);

- Use of unnecessary extensions (plug-ins, buttons) will be removed.ins, etc.).

Using Advanced uninstaller pro to remove program bugs and other settings from a computer operating system, you will have a lot more success. , as part of its mission, is removing all traces of uninstalled software from the computer that were lost while keeping track of every program and associated files that you were installing on it. This program then removes any menus, toolbars, bug patches, extensions, etc. can remove and uninstall software from your system in a matter of minutes.
Uninstalling programs on Windows with Advanced Uninstaller PRO is fast and easy. It's designed to work with any operating system and its user interface is simple and intuitive.
I have seen a significant improvement in the performance of my PC using Advanced uninstaller pro for Windows. A reasonably priced but more powerful hard drive, an improved startup time, and a less bloated hard drive have all contributed to it being more enjoyable. Using it is effortless, and it comes with a host of bonus features such as file removal and virus protection when your computer starts up. Thoroughly recommended.
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