Advanced Tokens Manager

Free Windows Activation Backup

Operating system: Windows

Release: Advanced Tokens Manager 3.5

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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If you want to buy a new Windows computer, the Advanced Tokens Manager is an excellent option. You keep your license key in case your computer has to be restarted with the FREE download. It takes a snapshot of your files and records everything in that folder.


  • Absolutely free
  • Easy click to backup or restore
  • Quick to activate
  • Keepsafe for license key and files

Overall the file called by tokens.Simple and efficient, dat takes no longer than a minute. Using it without installation does not require any additional software or effort. You can use it to get a backup of your computer as well as the license key without needing to call Microsoft and that is certainly safe. installed in Windows Vista, which means older versions no longer support. It no longer supports older programs since they are being replaced with more powerful ones. For IT employees, this program makes it easy to keep several versions of a computer license backed up if needs be. In the event that you've already started backing up this file, the license key is already located in the popup box that you click upon whenever the document needs to be updated. Microsoft is a little skeptical when it comes to this program since anyone can obtain your backup if you share the code for the Advanced Tokens Manager. Your computer password should not be changed once it has been compromised, so that never a hacker can download or restore your files. In any case, you will only need to install the appropriate DVDs on your computer to restore the files from this program. When it comes to Microsoft Office, this program can be helpful. You can restore your files from Office as well as back up files when you switch to Office. Simply download the activation restore file, then click on it to restore your system.

restores your license after you back it up!!
One thing I really appreciate about the Advanced Token Manager is its free nature. Many users were able to recover their windows or office activation after using it for so long. We were very pleased with the safety of this application compared to other apps that we currently use. Using it is going to make us forget what we have been doing instead of asking us a lot of questions. By reducing steps during the process, you have less to worry about and therefore make it much more convenient.
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