Advanced RAR Password Recovery

by ElcomSoft Co. Ltd.

Recover passwords protecting encrypted ZIP and RAR archives

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ElcomSoft Co. Ltd.

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Advanced RAR Password Recovery is an application for recovering lost passwords from RAR archives. As a rule, password recovery from the password archive takes time, and a user might be able to see for themselves how long the recovery time was. Here is an estimation. Random mode is used for selection. By providing the program with additional details concerning the characters used in the password (whether they are numerical characters or special characters), and a shorter estimate of its length, the user will speed up password recovery. Requires assistance with self-processing.The extracting of archives and the extracting of brutons without GUI or any data.Work by Latin characters and background color.

- User-friendly and easy-to-use user interface;

- With several instances, different protected files can be used simultaneously; Moreover, you may use the program on many fronts at the same time, each of which is able to access a protected file at the same time.

- This includes all types of compression ss support;

- self-Using an archive extracting process is enabled;

- The "brute force" attack can be modified with a custom character set (non-brute force).We support e supported);

- A program can be suspended at any time, and a valid restart can be resumed.

- When the processor is not in use, it cannot operate in the background.

some programs on the market which may be able to retrieve lost or forgotten passwords, only a few specialize in recovering compressed files, and this program allows you to recovery the ZIP file passwords. It supports work in the background and keeps working even though the laptop is off. Here are a few useful tools for recovering ZIP files and encrypting RAR files to make it easier for you to export them. You can try it out with a Windows environment for free.
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