Advanced Key and Mouse Recorder

by GrassSoftware

Provides a mouse for windows processor

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: GrassSoftware

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Advanced Key and Mouse Recorder is another program designed to save user time. The application records and stores mouse movements and actions performed on the PC keyboard. The main purpose of the program is to use recorded commands to automate actions in different applications: in a browser, text processing programs, games, etc.

The application has a built-in scheduler, which allows you to repeat all the recorded manipulations on the schedule, at a specified time. The program allows the user to create permanent and temporary macros and protect them from unauthorized access by password. Advanced Key and Mouse Recorder have a rich, customizable functionality. A hotkey can be set up that enables users to make use of frequent repeated commands in a specific way.

- Mouse movements and keys on the keyboard; and the sequence of action;

- The user saves time; • saves time;

- Eliminates the need to carry out the same procedures from week to week in order to maintain consistency on a PC.

- macros are used; executes by using; operates on the basis of macros;

- The program is able to produce customizable work plans;

- The application is compatible with all of the applications.

It's easy to understand and use which makes it a smart purchase. It is also incredible how flexible applications are. With this product, you get all of the help you need so that you can focus on your priority and eliminate a lot of mundane tasks, ensuring that you do more important things at the end of the day.
A mouse and keyboard recorder with advanced features - Advanced Key and Mouse Recorder. A keyboard and mouse recording and re-enactment tool is designed to ensure monotonous and inefficient tasks are never completed.
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