Adobe DNG Converter

by Adobe

Converts images from multiple types and camera brands including the most popular models

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Adobe

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Adobe DNG Converter is a program for converting the internal RAW formats of digital cameras into a universal format of digital negative DNG (Digital Negative Specification), developed by Adobe. This format is aimed at supporting standardized digital images captured by different cameras. The RAW photo format, which is used by nearly every photographic company, is by no means the same as JPEG.A number of cameras, like the Nikon NEF, Canon CR2, the Pentax PEF and so on. Adobe DNG Converter is designed to equalize this difference so that it is possible to use a universal format for working with photos in different editors, as well as for long-It does not matter if the photo editing software version you use is compatible with term storage. Moreover, each DNG file can contain up to five elements.Original RAWs have a smaller size, which makes it easier to store many photos in a large amount. The second format of saving is currently being used by a few cameras to receive DNG data.

This format's ease of use is a bit misleading due to it being a very weak foundation. When processing photos, it's not always necessary to make an extra intermediate step. Please click on: to see how to grab an image of JPEG format. RAW → DNG → Editor/converter → JPG. Second, there are occasional updates to the original RAW software from camera manufacturers, which improves photo processing algorithms to achieve better quality of the final JPG. For this case, of course, there is an option "Embed the original RAW file in DNG format" which can be found in the settings, but then the advantage of compressing the file is lost because the final file will be larger than the original one.

Working with Adobe DNG Converter is very easy: you need to select a directory with RAW files to convert, select a destination directory or leave them in the same place. If necessary, you can set up automatic renaming of files.

- Conversion of RAW format into a standardized DNG format;

- Support for virtually all formats of modern digital cameras;

- very simple program management;

- possibility of renaming files according to a specified template;

- high speed of operation;

- the ability to embed the original RAW file into the DNG file;

- the ability to use lossy compression;

- the ability to reduce the resolution of the original image;

- the ability to configure compatibility with Camera Raw from version 2.4, Photoshop CS and Lightroom 1.0 onwards;

- Russified interface and clues.

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