by Adguard

A browser extension designed to filter out different web-browsing advertisements

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Adguard

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Adguard is one of the most popular and effective programs for blocking advertisements on web pages, which works with all browsers, and also contains a number of useful features that ensure the security of your stay on the network. But let's talk about each module included in Adguard separately. In its main form, "Antibanner" provides these important functions. There are, however, other functions to this module that allow you to block absolutely all ads in a browser. Aside from removing social buttons such as "Class" or "I like" from pages, he blocks various analytical systems and other protocols that monitor the behavior of network users. In addition to antiphishing, the second module is also called phishing. Sites are only authorized by these and you are blocked from using anything fraudulent. If you wish, you can swap them (only if you wish). Database of dangerous websites, which is constantly updated, is used for the program.

In contrast to the last module, neither module requires presetting. A great deal of parents will be able to exert control through it. "Parental control". A child's access to certain web resources can be blocked for a caring parent. It is said that the Adguard team has been able to reduce all its RAM usage as much as 100 times the alternatives, while allowing them to function faster with lower resources.

- Internet browsers designed in modern era effectively block advertisement;

- An obstacle to the efficiency of various analytics systems ation of various analytics systems;

- An embedded module warns the user about visiting online resources that could potentially be hazardous; ;

- Adheres to three basic parental control standards.

- Operating by operating for relatively little time with only a little RAM.

You can use it to block advertisements on Windows platforms, and it is a very basic and unique computer tool you can use to store the data on. A free download is available at all the websites listed. In this way, PC users can see what types of viruses may be present on their machine at all times. AdGuard is very safe and can be used quite efficiently, at the moment.
Among the many features of Adguard for Windows is an ad blocking program that optimizes your navigating experience on the web -- not just through ads but through powerful functionality that prevents viruses and adware, among others.With our Privacy Protection feature, security controls and discretion, your private information is always safe in the digital universe. These tools are fantastic!! Your IP address can be hidden entirely through this program, which blocks cookies from third parties. This makes it easier to navigate through the whole process by blocking all of the possible paths!!
These apps are meant to keep users from getting sucked into unwanted ads that they face regularly today, or to simplify stress if you really want to reduce browsing experience. provides a number of security features, including advanced privacy protection and the ability to protect users' data as well as checking websites before connections. Parental control is also integrated into the service, providing parents with the peace of mind that their children are surfing the internet safely. A guard tries very hard to offer an entirely different ad-blocking feature.For this reason, blocking programs have been successful.