AdbLink (AdbFire)

by adbLink

Use your PC to load files and apps onto any Kodi-enabled TV casting device

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: adbLink

Release: AdbLink (AdbFire) 4.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This tool lets you personalize your Kodienabled TV-You cannot connect to a computer in error and no-one will know that you are asking us to connect to a computer.You can also view and set Android SDK features within Windows commands without typing text commands into a command prompt. Connecting your Kodi TV devices through AdbLink takes only a moment and requires the input of a couple of clicks.


  • Easy to use, no more command line text needed
  • Sideload Kodi apps from APK files
  • Uninstall XBMC apps
  • Add modification files to a Kodi TV device user data directory
  • Customize a Kodi TV device‚Äôs keyboard
  • Change your Kodi TV device splash screen
  • Move Kodi data to external drives
  • Backup/Restore Kodi setups
  • Clone Kodi setups to new devices
  • Root-aware File Manager for Android devices
  • ADB/Fastboot and Busybox capable

AdbLink is designed to work with Android Kodi (XBMC)-enabled TV-casting devices. Kodi-TV is an device that is enabled - devices are TV-Cast Devices (FireTV, FireStick, Chromecast, Xbox One, etc. ) running on the Android operating system and running Kodi software (Kodi is a free, open-source application).Changing the screen of an Android TV with your own source of software is possible.casting device). If a user desired to modify or customize their Android TV with Kodi, they could do it back then.In order to cast the device, they had to type in Word or Excel on the Window command prompt. Thus, they must have some knowledge of Google Android's SDK in order to be able to execute these projects. The AdbLink tool offers various customization commands, which now require pushing a button.

The AdbLink (ADBFire) for Kodi TV- lets you build your own video platform.Having not knowledge of Android's SDK, a casting device would not work.

You can communicate with the TV via adbLink from AdbLink's interface.An intuitive graphical user interface helps users cast their own devices. A button or popup menu will replace a long string of text typed in from a command line.

By pushing the button, you can choose the files on your PC that need to be added to your Kodi.Various TV casting devices can be modified by connecting them to your Android device. This includes Fire TV, Chromecast, Xbox One (and more). It does not matter which device you have attached to you -- a splash screen, a reformat of your keyboard or apps -- AbdLink will accomplish these tasks. Transferring Kodi data outside the home can also be done, managing devices over USB or in an IP address, and managing multiple Kodi devices.

I received such great support since I had read through their recommendations when they did this, and since those who suggested it for my Amazon Fire Stick went on to tell you you can also use it with your Fire TV, it was just fantastic. You'll be able to better manage your storage with this method and it makes the process a bit more convenient. A lot of people rave about it, so I recommend it to them all the time. There's no reason to improve the existing version.
You will use the same apple-like service AdbLink provides you with if you connect your computer to your Android device. By connecting your Google Android phone to your computer, you can start sending and receiving text messages. You can use this free and easy-to-use software on a wide variety of devices. A database server can be used by professionals and casual users at a glance. Simply choose AdbLink on your computer and install it.
With the Windows application AdbLink (AdbFire), I can manage all of my Android phone's data. This is a super lightweight device that won't take up much room on your phone, as well as letting me install a number of options of my picking. The fact that I get to choose my apps from anywhere makes it extremely convenient for me.
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