Load files and apps onto your Fire TV from your Windows PC.

Operating system: Windows

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With adbFire, you no longer have to use text commands from the Windows command line of your PC just to send files or apps to your Fire TV. Just click the button to let your Fire TV interact with a keyboard, splash screen, or custom application.


  • Easy to use, no more command line text needed
  • Sideload Fire TV apps from an APK files
  • Uninstall XBMC apps
  • Add modification files to the Fire TV user data directory
  • Customize the Fire TV keyboard
  • Change your Fire TV’s default splash screen
  • Move Kodi data to external drives
  • Backup/Restore Kodi setups
  • Clone Kodi setups to new devices
  • Root-aware File Manager for Android devices
  • ADB/Fastboot and Busybox capable

If you like customizing your Fire TV, then your life will be a little easier with adbFire. With adbFire, you will no longer have to use your Windows command line to send files to your Android Kodi (XBMC) enabled Fire TV: A graphical user interface is an integral part of how DisplayFire provides communication with Fire TV. Using buttons and popup menus replaces long text strings in command lines typed incorrectly.

During installation, a button lets you choose files from your PC that are to be used as the TV's primary drivers, and lets you customize how that interface looks and works. AdbFire is used to change a user's splash screen, reformat their keyboard, and install other applications. Transferring Kodi files to external drives, managing IP addresses, managing multiple Kodi devices, backups and restore Kodi files can also be done.Your PC has no Android SDK installed, so you don't need to install aDBFire. There is also a built-in WiFi/USB remote with a root recovery capability that identifies and works with rooted Android devices. Further details about its features can be found here: Clone Kodi on behalf of new devices, edit XML, or work with Hyperlinked HTML.

Fire TV users can send files and apps with just a click of a button.
There are two ways to add-on the Firestick/Kodi. First, you can add-on by going into Control Panel (Software). Second, you can add-on by going into Control Panel (Software). The process of installing and getting adbFire up and running as easy as you might read its instructions is seamless. If you have never installed it, I would say it is a sturdy, stable application. Among other anons, there are many steps involved and it may be time-consuming to get things up and running, however it is easy to use adbFire. The product I selected was totally worth the price tag.
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My experience with this program is that it allows us to download and manage many files, allows us to progress downloads without slowing, also changes your location if needed, and I am glad that I can download and update many files and manage many of them now.
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