Ad-Aware Antivirus Pro

by Lavasoft

A threat protection software to protect your computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Lavasoft

Release: Ad-Aware Antivirus Pro 12.0.649.11190

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Ad-Aware Antivirus Pro is one of the most well rounded and complete defense software on the market today. In addition to handling the most extreme forms of viruses and malware, this program will stop any harmful effects your computer may receive. An array of complex algorithms and firewalls, along with web filters, is how Ad-Blocked functions.It protects against the vast majority of harmful tech that can be found on the internet by using Aware. Our product is an absolute steal. Despite the best efforts of some advanced keyloggers, hackers, viruses, worms, malware, and spyware, our product will save you from the potential danger of cybercrime forever and the possibility of accidentally clicking a sketchy link in your browser.


  • Fast Antivirus. An anti-malware antivirus that works very well against malicious code.Software includes tools for tracking your keystrokes and other sensitive information, meaning that slowdowns or interruptions in your computer are virtually impossible, not to mention what can be accomplished with the computer.
  • Download Protection. There is no question that the Internet is safer than ever when it comes to downloading documents. The software we provide provides with download protection automatically scans all files downloaded as a result of our scanning technology. Our real-When you use time protection, dangerous files will never leave your computer or your hard drive, and only cause harm to you.
  • Safe Browsing. By using safe browsing, your data and personal history will be yours as you browse, and you will always be protected. As you browse a site, a scanning process is applied to ensure that any possible unsafe environments that you may encounter, such asphishing web sites using slightly misspelled domains, are identified. Check to see if a flagged site is there, as you might be warned.
  • Safely Shop and Bank Online. While it is mostly considered safe to shop online, you never know what new dangers are lurking out there. Our software ensures we can keep information on credit cards and personal information confidential and secured while online shopping or banking.
  • Email Protection. The information inside emails is sensitive no matter where you are, and so you need to ensure that your emails are encrypted and cannot be hacked or intercepted.The will be. They will make it. In addition, our software scans all incoming emails for threats and dangerous information so they cannot be accessed by any third parties. notify you of these junk emails and delete them when they reach your inbox before they even reach your inbox.
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