Actual Multiple Monitors

by Actual Tools

Allows for switching between multiple monitors easier

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Actual Tools

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Actual Multiple Monitors is designed to improve user interface functionality for comfortable and efficient operation of multiple monitors simultaneously. With this application, you will be able to improve configuration for multiple monitors, which will give you many Windows-related features previously unavailable. Actual Multiple Monitors emulates standard Windows services on additional (secondary) monitors, such as taskbar, Start button and much more.

- the taskbar. Additionally, to allow you to use the original Windows taskbar on multiple monitors, Actual Multiple Monitors mimics it by playing it back. You can view these windows individually from either this taskbar or in the mirror mode, where all the windows open on this monitor can be viewed. simulating the presence of the Start button for easier and more quick startup and closing of programs and to open up a dialog box to switch between running applications when the main monitor is not present; ;

- additional opportunities. By simply clicking on a window icon in the window title bar or pressing a hotkey combination, you can change the view pattern to another screen that you want to display. Furthermore, you can deploy one application on more than one monitor with this software;

- Your screens should be set to have the wallpaper. Whether you are choosing an image for all monitors or perscreens;

- icon management. It may happen that Windows configures the way icons are placed on your screen based on when your monitor's resolution is lowered (usually when the icons are on the right side of the screen). You are now forced to drag and drop the icons again after they have been thrown out previously. Monitors with Actual Multiples make sure that icons do not disappear, they are able to track them and can restore them if needed.

Now more than two years in trading on intraday exchanges, I use the software regularly to split screens and make changes on my computer as needed, speed and quality are two factors it greatly improves.
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