by Promethean Limited

Collaborative delivery software for multiple components

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Promethean Limited

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ActivInspire is a program for general education and higher education teachers. Additionally, the program enables students to perform a variety of tasks including the presentation of slides on interactive whiteboards. In addition to the ability to create presentation slideshows with various options for viewing the image on screen, it offers the ability to display the full image along with individual parts. Furthermore, it is an excellent instrument for students in a small class or in class for conducting questionnaires. Additionally, ExpressPoll can be used as an optional tool that can assist with student interview during the lesson.

Lessons and presentations in ActivInspire can be created from scratch or using ready-Teacher templates from the Promethean Planet service can be used to prepare interactive lessons as well as resources. Occasionally, the content is free. ActivInspire is equally worth buying as well. Two months may be enough to evaluate the program before buying a license.

ActivInspire reminds me of PowerPoint's user interface in the form of the Lesson Editor. Slide switching is available between a working area and a switching area in the main window. slide, special control panels are used so new elements and text can be added. This tool allows you to call up basic drawing tools, customizing the background in a slide and setting individual elements to appear according to the timer or selected.

Developed by Promethean, a major manufacturer of classroom equipment like interactive whiteboards and electronic pointers, this software was designed to enhance student experiences. ActivInspire, which was made available to ActivInspire on request, provided most of the support for the company's products.

- Students can create and present lessons on interactive whiteboards using this program;

- Providing rapid survey technology to conduct rapid surveys of students are;

- A convenient control panel lets you create slideshows, and you can view it online.

- offers ready-Profiles and templates are used for making lesson plans;

- There is detailed documentation included in the translation and is fully translated into Russian.

It's designed to be used by teachers and is available for Windows. This tool enables teachers to create online whiteboard lessons and slideshows. Also useful for teachers, this program is a great way to administer surveys. ActivInspire offers other templates if you would rather be creative and start from scratch. As with powerpoint, the app provides a familiar interface for most users. Teachers find ActivInspire to be invaluable for its ability to facilitate collaboration.
To assist schools with teaching and learning, ActivInspire creates tools that serve the purpose of education tools.A learning application tool such as this helps teachers become more effective learners as well as teachers to learn and teach. While many learning application tools do not automatically add updated information for users, this one user is given a date from the primary to the secondary level. Using this application, you will gain a better service on all Windows Operating Systems.
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