Active KillDisk

by LSoft Technologies

A hard drive eraser that makes formatting hard drives easy.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: LSoft Technologies

Release: Active KillDisk 10.2.8

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Formats hard drives without performing a data recovery process.


  • I'm using parallel erasing of multiple disks at once - its very efficient! I save time and gain productivity when I do this.!
  • Most files need to be backed up to a hard drive for sanitation. It is important to clean your file systems.
  • A monitor that shows the status of each disk's health. A threat is kept in mind to protect you.
  • The program is available on any hard drive and bootable drives that hold all the necessary information, allowing you to erase their disk drive in any case.

With this tool, you can erase and disk files. There is nothing difficult about reading this book's layout. This application is user-friendly for novice users as well as experienced ones. An inexpensive way to have access to this facility and won't break the bank. A feature I liked most about it was the simple way it worked. When I called customer support to test their skills with a specific product, they showed me how the product worked. Live chat would be helpful to keep me engrossed with the project. You can get this software on your home computer, your office computer, or your enterprise computer. You can buy this version as a freeware, a professional, or an ultimate version. A business and an enterprise edition come with the same features, but they are industrial in nature, so you can keep it throughout the home, office, and on to the enterprise. No doubt. is a very good product that works just fine with ease and lacks some bumps. It leaves you without any worries concerning the security of your personal data as your drive and computers are donated and discarded. The importance of giving computers on occasion needs to be noted. If I were an Apple OS X fanatic, I would have said earlier, but being Windows loyalist, I just could not make it work. In OS X you can run it in the same way as Windows. If your primary goal is to lower the amount of work it takes to wipe your drive and secure your files, then buy the competitors' product. The products will offer a lengthy waiting time, confusing features, and many other issues. If your primary objective is to simplify a complex system to utilize

Disking can be quickly and easily erased with this program.
It is my pleasure to announce that my very first order of business will be using the product: i've been asked to erase some disk drives, but have no background. This is a great resource for people who don't have any experience with technology in general. The content appears to be incredibly straightforward.
This disk drive keeps alive without being compromised. both of my hard drives were completely erased by using my computer. This program comes with a very simple interface and you cannot mess it up. In this free ware application you can erase a couple of hard drives as well as other types of media.
Product is very interesting but seems unappealing since the advertising implies it, which I also find persuasive.
With Active KillDisk Windows, you can remove all your data from all your devices, such as pen drives, computer drives, and anything else needs cleaning.
Windows is equipped with Active killDisk, which works automatically to kill hard drives. Utilizing Active KKillDisk for Windows, you can sanitize memory cards to USB hard drives to solid-state drives with this portable product that's portable.state drives. Within this software, you can make a selection of several options to suit different needs. With Active KillDisk, cleaning your drive is simple and free.
Ensure the security of your sensitive data by using Active KillDisk. Active KillDisk makes sure that sensitive data is destroyed when it should remain unrecorded. We think you should check out Active KillDisk if you are trying to eliminate data.
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