Acrylic WiFi Home

by Tarlogic Security SL

A software that enables users to better enjoy home WIFI

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Tarlogic Security SL

Release: Acrylic WiFi Home 4.3.7073.19137

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The acrylic Wifi Home provides you with access to network security info, as well as scans for network resources. The growth of home internet usage is allowing the new software to detect many networks and provide users with crucial information about how safe their personal information is online. It is also effective at speeding up the internet network and providing an overall better experience on the Internet. There is also an official version of the program available. Even so, the free version provides a wide range of handy features. Besides analyzing various kinds of Wifi network coverage and security, Acrylic Wireless Home's complete suite of monitoring products consist of mapping all accessible devices within reach, as well. It has the capacity to keep a minimum of five devices for its free version and up to an maximum of 80,000 devices for its professional version.

Working from home can improve when you have the added convenience of working from home, now that large businesses are shutting down. A multitude of information is gathered through monitor mode, such as SSID and RSSI settings, channels, security details, as well as their MAC Addresses and times at which they were seen, from among Windows users on their computers. Acrylic Wifi is considered a reliable, effective appliance, and there are few things that it does not perform at its best.There is software that provides an interface for interaction with information.All the local networks and devices are shown in a depth view. Over the years, many users have praised the software for its ease of usage and high performance; the software is extremely sophisticated in its user interface.


Data and security information are provided by this site.
  • wifi channel scanner and table of information
  • free version compatible with Windows monitor mode
  • provides wifi network signal strength and power graphs
  • shows local access points and devices near you
  • allows access to WEP, WPA, and WPA2 security information
the Acrylic WiFiHome for Windows allowing you to see data about your WiFi at any time and fixing problems while away from the office. You will be able to see 2: and make it even easier to accomplish this.4 and 5.0 GHz channels!
The software allows you to customize everything from Wi-Fi to vehicle controls.The basic criteria are Fi, channels, networks, and speed of deployment. In addition to its improved security and support, it offers more flexibility. And it's free. During upgrades, automatic identifies you. The software supports unlimited devices as well.
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