Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer

by Acoustica, Inc

Mix from and export to a variety of file formats while creating your own music mix

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Acoustica, Inc

Release: Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer trial version

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Whether you're a seasoned DJ or just an aspiring DJ, MP3 Audio Mixer provides an easy-to-use interface that enables you to mix the mix quickly and easily. Designed to use the powerful tools without having to invest in costly hardware, MP3 Audio Mixer makes mixing easy for anyone, with only the right mix for whatever project you are working on.


  • No one has to deal with a complex set of systems. Mixing starts as soon as possible.
  • Mix as many WAV, WMA & MP3 files as you'd like, all at the same time.
  • Exports to WMA, WAV, and MP3
  • Ability to create everything from full-featured mix CD's to ringtones to podcasts
  • Fast and easy to use graphical interface.
  • Every sound can be controlled with a fade and volume setting, pan setting, and playback setting.
  • Add your favorite playlists to your mix and start importing them.

Introducing MP3 Audio Mixer. A powerful audio mixer, available for both audiophiles and beginners, with the option to fade in and overdub instantly. Use any combination of wma and mp3 files while your imagination allows. It supports the export of mp3 audio into MP3, mp3 or mpau files, and even a playlist or a podcast. Each project is easy to make with MP3 Audio Mixer, and it can handle projects of all sizes.

MP3 Audio Mixer is an easy to use audio mixer, great for beginners and veteran DJ's alike.

Start from your own sound or from a playlist. It's as easy as clicking import and beginning your mix. It's time for fade in, overdub. For once, no longer do you have to buy expensive hardware to make it. Mix it your way with MP3 Audio Mixer and stream your creations online.

Simply put, MP3 Audio Mixer is the perfect solution to your audio creation and mixing needs. provides a powerful and intuitive control panel with integrated mixing, making mixing easy with as few as a tenth of a second on one touch.2-3. MP3 Audio Mixer allows you to play music on any platform. Listen to and enjoy your songs - let the mix that truly belongs to you.

16MB of RAM and a sound card, Windows 95+, and a processor with a Pentium 90Mhz CPU are required.

Jacob Pribble
An aspiring DJ would benefit from this product! disc jockey program to promote disc jockeying ve recommended to anyone looking for a program to assist in beginner level disc jockeying!
Leon Cortez
Recording or mixing MP3 tracks can be done on the fly with Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer for Windows, and a graphical user interface allows users to adjust volume fade and pan to suit their personal tastes. The software has the ability to export audio as MP3, WAV, and WMA files. Free trials are available to Windows users who download Acoustica MP3 Audio.
This application allows the user to edit and play the music for his or her PC, professionals like DJs.
Windows' Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer is a full-featured audio mixer with a host of features.With this tool suite, you can easily edit MP3 files and use it alongside your other MP3 functions. There are hundreds of menu items in MP3 files, but I can edit a MP3 file in just two minutes with it because it is all I have access to. With the Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer, you're able to sound fantastic all than sacrificing quality, I recommend that anyone working with MP3 audio files uses it full speed!
appear to be incredibly well-educated people.This product allows for easy sharing between multiple locations, rather than the need for separate files to be saved between several. In addition, it can import various audio file types, making it possible for users to create sounds at will.
With an Acoustica MP3 audio mixer for Windows, users can edit the songs they play on their computers. Users can also remix MP3 files within the software. For example: it consists of volume, pan, pitch, etc. It is computer-friendly and offers editing options.These tools help us record files. Furthermore, we have the capability of editing, compressing, combining, and analyzing multi-track audio files, such as digitize, import, export, and import. When you listen to files using the software, you will definitely be able to enjoy it.
You can experiment with music while using Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer for WIndows or follow your dream to be a DJ if you try this feature. MP3-based WAV files and WMA files are included in the mix CD tool along with files users download into the tool via the Internet. Using this program, they have control over the volume of their project, the pan, and the playback rate.
My goal as a producer is to find the sounds I'm looking for more easily using Acoustica. Well made, but not too expensive for what it is, so I can do a good job at it for a fraction of the cost. My recommendation is Acoustica for musicians, as I am certain that this product will not disappoint you.
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