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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Native Instruments

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ABSYNTH is a synthesizer containing more than two thousand different sound presets. Combining sound synthesis with effects and control to create really interesting music using this program is really easy. There is an array of effects and additional control to the synthesizer. ABSYNTH uses advanced sound synthesis techniques and allows the use of unique filters and tools such as Aetherizer, Cloud Filter and Supercomb. 3D panoramic sounds, 3 types of frequency variation, subtractive synthesis, filtering methods, filtering techniques and several types of samples can also be created with this synthesizer. In terms of how Cristal Method musicians describe ABSYNTH as one of their most highly regarded electronic music synthesizers, it is a top product.

The ABSYNTH synthesizer contains several thousand distinct sound presets that it is unique to the industry. With this program, you can create interesting music, utilizing sound union components, effects, and regulations that will unify the design of sound. In addition to the synthesizer, the effects are covered by a broad spectrum of instruments. It incorporates advanced sound union methods and allows for the creation of a range of innovative channels and apparatuses such as Aetherizer, Cloud Filter and Supercomb using advances sound union methods and permits the utilization of novel channels and apparatuses like Aetherizer, Cloud Filter and Supercomb. The range of this synthesiser is unlimited, as it can function with 3D all-out sounds, work with different channels like stubs, subtractive combo, different kinds of inspecting, channels, etc. Because Cristal Method guarantees their customers' hardware, ABSYNTH is one of the best programming synthesizers that they can work with. Astonishingly natural, ABSYNTH is for use on Macintosh OS X and Windows PCs alike. The second kind is semi-laptop.The synthesizer has layers that help you create customized blends for really special surfaces, cushions, tones, sounds, soundscapes and musical impacts. It's a really strong instrument.
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