by SourceGear Corporation

A free and open-source software word processor

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SourceGear Corporation

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Last revision: Last week

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AbiWord is a text processing tool similar to Microsoft Word. It is ideal for creating, editing and printing documents, messages, letters, memos, etc.

AbiWord is part of a large project known as AbiSource which was started by SourceGear Corporation. Enhancing communication across a wide geographic and linguistic spectrum was its goal.Microsoft Office is based on the open source software platform. An AbiWord word processor was used to start the project.

A very specific and carefully crafted source code is used in order for AbiWord to continue to support virtually all operating systems.

Various languages are supported by AbiWord, making it accessible to a huge global audience.

As a complete integration of AbiWord into the operating system it runs on, it manages all the settings and uses all the functionality of the Operating System.

- cross-platform - It can be run on Linux, RHEL, QNX, FreeBSD, or Solaris.

- Incompatible with all major formats, fully interoperable across any formats - fully interoperable with all common formats - Document Creator integrates with most major Microsoft Word formats, OpenOffice.org, WordPerfect, RTF, web pages, eWriter, iCal, WordPerfect, RTF, web pages and many more, etc.

- Provides superior visibility and ease of use tools with advanced document layout options.

- Internationalization - Languages compatible with multiple versions. Languages from 30 countries are available including spell checkers and dictionaries. Language compatibility; supports Hebrew and Arabic as well as dialects.

- Standard letters may be drafted efficiently and with all the available options via automation and facilitated passage-A special tool and template is created for each application; eg.

- AbiWord makes its presence felt when all of its features are used in a powerful command line.

- A wide range of extensions for a Extensible Architecture. Small but capable of running on weak computer systems, AbiWord uses a very small kernel to run. Using new modules in the program will expand its functionality significantly on more powerful computers.

- Users of AbiWord will have access to all the functionality of modern word processors through the Android plugin system. There are many ways you can enhance AbiWord's functionality with the use of add-ons, from document import and graphics to an Thesaurus.

Students, office workers, and business owners can easily manage and edit AbiWord. Since I am able to work in more than one language other than English with this program, it is similar to many of its pricier counterparts. Foreign students who are not proficient in this will be able to complete their assignments very easily.
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