Abelssoft Undeleter

by Abelssoft

An advanced search feature that makes searching for and recovering deleted files easier.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Abelssoft

Release: Abelssoft Undeleter 4.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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In the past, accidentally deleting an important file off of your PC could signal doom and could seriously damage your work career or personal life. For many, when something gets permanently cleared from their recycling bin, they consider the file permanently gone for life. However, thanks to Abelssoft Undeleter for Windows, this concern is a matter of the past. Thanks to the powers and abilities of this simple and lightweight program, there is no such thing as a file that cannot be recovered from your PC.

A user is presented with an extremely intuitive and simple GUI when they enter the program. A programming wizard will now begin, allowing the users to learn how to use it.by-Following are the steps involved in recovery. Recovering overwritten or partially corrupted files can be achieved by the program's advanced algorithms. With the program wizard launched, users can select which drive to search for deleted files or they can simply carry out a PC scanning job. When the user tries to recover a deleted file, the program will automatically display all existing retrieved files. They can also employ a wide variety of filters to most efficiently sift the list of recovered files to find the ones they need. By pressing the green button after the applicable file has been found, a batch recovery option appears, allowing you to restore all your selected and relevant user files in such a manner that an accidental deletion can be avoided. The goal of this tool is very basic for individuals who care deeply about their computer data.


Simple and easy search for and retrieval of deleted files, permanently collected and stored from recycle bins.to-use interface and program wizard
  • Includes deep-scan functionality which gives users powerful filters by which they can search through huge amounts of deleted data and content quickly
  • The program algorithm is so advanced that it can find files that have been partially overwritten or even corrupted and recover them for the user
  • Powerful customization features allow users to select multiple drives at a time to search for deleted files with the ability to filter based on file type, file size, date of deletion, etc.
  • A streamlined interface and program wizard make navigating through deleted files and restoring them so easy that it requires almost no technical ability or knowledge
  • Instead of having to restore files individually one at a time this program allows users to select all of the files they want to be recovered at the same time

Windows 7 and Windows 8 are supported, including all major versions.

Your files can be recovered after an accident, whether it's in response to theft, for example. You will find the interface to be simple, easy, and intuitive. Viruses don't appear in this free program.
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