by A9Tech

A compact 2D CAD program for windows and supports industry standard DWG/DXF drawing formats

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: A9Tech

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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A9CAD is a compact enough system of the automated designing (CAD) intended for modelling of two-The two-dimensional editing of 3D objects as well as 2D.For DXF and DWG format drawings.

A large number of tools and special parameters can pose some difficulties at first sight, since they are all integrated into the interface. A9CAD allows you to draw graphical primitives on drawings: Among the attributes you can change is the radius of an object: Curves or circles. type, color, rotation angle, and style.

The CAD program does require users to copy, move, rotate, and delete items like any other software. In addition to separating objects, the unit can even divide into smaller ones in part or assist in trimming them or connecting them.

It is possible to export the image to a photo/EMF or directly to the program so it can be printed. As part of creating a project, you can work simultaneously with a few layers, undo or repeat previous steps, zoom in and out, and load the required images.

It produces a good drawing object quality with its compactness despite the fact that almost no load is placed on the processor and memory of the A9 CAD; this helps ensure maximum computer performance, without any affect to its quality. As a conclusion, it should come as no surprise that this free and simple program deserves some time to learn its interfaces and find some refinements of its work flow.

- How to view DWG and DXF files;

- This article describes how two-dimensional editing works.drawings;

- It can be converted into EMF file format by using export.

With A9 CAD for Windows, you will be able to design like a professional in any form. It's possible to create a number of shapes, including lines and circles, from these instructions. As well as adding color or altering your overall style, you can also move or scale your creations.
The A9CAD program is a two-step design and production program available for free.Drawing gives a description of the objects as a whole. A user interface that resembles Windows looks quite good, so users of all ages will be able to see it easily. Easy tables can now be drawn, as well as larger engineering concepts with this software. When used with these software, the scale you receive is more than adequate, without need to use any paper or rulers. Any document can be digitally scanned for very few costs.
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