5nine Manager

by 5nine Software, Inc

Microsoft Cloud solutions provider for Azure and Hyper-V

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: 5nine Software, Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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5nine Manager is a program designed to create, monitor and manage Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines. Windows Server and Microsoft Hyper-Office can be maintained with a graphical shell provided by Microsoft.In addition to hypervisor management tools, ESXi comes with V.2. The connection via RDP is supported for remote management (but the user should be locally connected). In addition, the program provides the ability to use agentless antivirus for virtual machines under the terms of a common license with 5nine Manager.

This manager can work with a wide range of machines running on Windows Server 2008 R2 and higher (supports Core and Free versions as well). These functions are built-in, providing basic information about every operation within the system and allowing the control panel to collect basic data of the cluster, host and data center. A virtual machine can be automatically moved from one host to another when using 5nine Manager. In order to determine the migration, system resource use will be taken into account.

As well as support for using the FreeRDP protocol, another useful feature is the possibility of setting up email notifications about activity on a machine.through disks. There's no charge for 1 month of usage of 5nine Manager since it isn't a free application.

- It offers convenient management of Hyper-aware tasks.V virtual machines;

- These tools are available on all tiers of an e Data center, cluster and host level;

- RDP allows remote connections; can handle up to 32 messages at once;

- Providing non-disabled users with the possibility of using it.agent antivirus;

- By moving machines around between hosts, the performance of host machines can be optimized.

A cloud service that I can rely on has been my goal. I installed the 5nine Manager application on my computer after searching the web. It is a platform designed for Microsoft products. In addition to cloud management tools, it offers other services. I just wanted what I was looking for. user-friendly interface.
It is easy for me to learn and evaluate Hyper-aware on Windows with 5nine Manager.V. Using this as a first-time user to implement a new migration from Linux, it was a simple, valuable solution. offers extra peace of mind by also offering anti-malware protection.
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