4shared Desktop

by 4shared

4shared Desktop is a file sharing applicaiton for Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: 4shared

Release: 4shared Desktop

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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4shared Desktop is a file-sharing application for Windows users. 4shared Desktop allows users to do peer to peer file sharing that is incredibly easy and convenient. In addition to being used in the home, the program is extremely versatile and can be used for organizations that need a quick response time. This is a faster and more efficient way to share files than similar programs. Four-person systems are connected only through data transport. The files being transferred slower because there are no simultaneous connections, making the files seem to be slower to download. Although I love most of the features from 4shared Desktop, those are just a few I personally enjoy.


  • You can now share up to 60GB of data per day.
  • Bypass regional restrictions.
  • Completely private sharing.
  • Convenient and Accessible.
  • Free to use.

It is important that you address the daily data limitations. Despite the fact that it offers a data limit in t's to wonder why the program would have a data limit built into it. Yet despite not really understanding the concept, one could make an argument that the battery runs out of power right around the corner.factor. My 4shared Desktop connection works fine with any file format as long as the file is small enough to allow the transfer. In addition to AVIs and RARs, there are a number of other file types that I also share. Using 4shared Desktop can also make it possible to totally bypass regional restrictions, meaning users in countries such as China and Korea will enjoy the advantage of circumventing geographical restrictions as well. There is nothing more simple than setting up and using this software. You will need to connect with a buddy after you've downloaded a file, then select a file to share. Using 4shared Desktop is always a disappointment to me. I also dislike the fact that it never gives you a final confirmation time after downloading. As you're finished with the program, there is no chance to check whether there is an alert or notice. Friends who often share files with each other should also recommend this app.

Use the free software to share files privately.
As mentioned above, there are many limitations to the software, including the ones compared to other components. As far as I am concerned, calling it a limewire is simply inaccurate. As a result, a great many users used Limewire to steal viruses, leading to their appearance being less secure. As far as painting the appropriate use case for the software is concerned, I would say they do that very well. Be careful when using any download site that has users that you are familiar with. This program probably would not appeal to everyone, but someone with experience would definitely find it appealing.
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