by Arie Voors

A powerful antenna program

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Arie Voors

Release: 4nec2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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For users of Windows as their main operating system, Windows 4neC2 is available free of charge. Among its benefits are tools for creating 2D and 3D waveshapes, 3D and 2D antenna design, viewing it and editing or optimizing it, as well as visual patterns showing on to users. As an added benefit, our current product is composed of C++, which makes it capable of providing greater functionality.

With the use of the 2D default view, users can rotate defined slices up to 360 degrees to collect detailed data, which can then be analyzed. As you can observe more complex patterns like 80m OCF on a 40, 20 and 17 using 3D, you'll be able to see more. Each of these appears in a different part of the band. Users can design an antenna using variable formats or symbolic formats enabled by 4NEC2.

Alternatively, the name's can be used again, on more complex models as well, in different parts of the world. Because 4NEC2 uses a data type known as hardcoding, you may easily alter any of the variables by changing the methods within this method. Free and powerful, 4NEC2's optimizer makes it possible to design complex elements in a reasonable amount of time that would be difficult if conventional methods were in place. The antenna programming was influenced in part by the NEC2 code and is extremely strong.

The function allows users to modify parameters from multiple locations without involving themselves in manually modifying them.

A second great benefit of 4NEC2 is the inclusion of graphical entries of models used by antennae so that they can be viewed properly. A lot faster than you might think you could enter letters and variables.

If you use and experiment with the 4NEC2 software, you'll notice that it supports about 500 different segments at the beginning. You can download the engine files from the same website used by 4NEC2 and the engine will run up to roughly 10,000 times as long as your network connections are strong enough.

It is a free program that generates, views and optimize the geometry of 2d and 3d models, and then evaluates field radiations on the PC by saving it data and resources and it is very easy to use.
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