by Futuremark Corporation

This measure relates to the benchmark of the computing performance.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Futuremark Corporation

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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3DMark is a powerful utility for testing your computer, designed to measure the performance of, primarily, the graphics subsystem. Among the hardware items you can check are the battery life of your personal computer, as well as other Android tablets and smartphones.

Although currently utilizing DirectX 10 graphics technology, it can also work with older video adapter versions (including earlier generations). Just like any other performance measurement program, 3DMark shows you the number of points your device has scored at the end of the test (the more points the better). With the help of the program, a device can be evaluated on different platforms (Windows, iOS, and Android). Unlike many computer games, this program does not influence the outcome of events based on its structure. you will be fascinated and surprised by how 3DMark tests the shape and properties of your computer. You will test different levels of orientation with this program.

- The system components have been tested comprehensively during the testing;

- Types of devices and operating systems can be supported;

- Describe the latest graphic technologies and applications.

- Tests with beautiful graphics; interactive ntional tests with beautiful graphics;

- Computers, tablets, and mobile phones can be rated by one unified device rating system.

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