3D Object Converter

Validate and convert your 3D model files

Operating system: Windows

Release: 3D Object Converter 5.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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3D Object Converter is a photography tool developed by Zoltán Kárpáti. Using this tool you can view the imports of 3D model data from internal and external sources in one of several high-resolution file formats.quality accuracy. Chinese, German, and Turkish companies use it regularly.


  • Various document formats can be easily created, including GEO, OBJ, rm, DBV, HCR, OB3, IMG, 3DP, ASP.
  • uses the 3D polygon model translation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Supports batch processing
  • Licensed shareware for the windows 32-bit and 64-bit platforms
  • Perform geometry transformation operations

3D Object Converter is a light program that requires less space on installation. As a user, it provides: Two choice options about the files it wants to give you. Files can be dragged and dropped into the primary panel, as well as browse them.

The program allows the 3D model files to be validated, and it allows different formats for convertion of the data.

By leveraging its batch processing capability, multiple 3D models can be converted in parallel, all of which can be saved in the correct directory at the same time. Users can manipulate their data and save them based on the data found on the selected directory. It also maintains a log which provides information regarding the process' operation, possibility errors, and the capability to export it.

Users have the option to customize object sizes, vertexes, and faces with 3D Object Converter, and color-correct objects in its updates, removing scenes, drawing programs, and automates marking documents as their own formats. Moreover, utilizing the command-line parameters improves performance and accuracy on a number of levels, including that of 2D Object Converter, which includes the ASCII file loader technology as well as Dynamic Data Allocation.

Last but not least, 3D Object Converter converts 3D data into various file formats for more effective use.

Dillon Tidgewell
Using this program was very easy to use for me. has a comfortable and intuitive design. I don't have to buy another program if I need to use a more obscure file format temporarily since it supports more than 700 file types.
Elijah Richardson
The number of new software releases every year is more difficult to locate that can serve as a catalyst or medium between multiple formats. Having the capability of importing hundreds of file formats through a batch process, combined with an efficient interface, is ideal for anyone needing to handle over 3,000 formats a day.
The 3d object converter is a new and very exciting idea. In addition to photos on the website, the main thing is a color scheme that fits the user and the site must be able to surf without problems. Adding live examples, however, would be a good idea.
3D Object Converter is a versatile, fast application for changing 3D objects from applications such as AutoCAD and 3DS Max into other formats. You can use sources external without having to be a developer or convert from one format to another if a need arises. It is an application that analyzes images and makes sure they don't fall in the wrong place.
It will allow you to visually design projects on your Windows PC or laptop with 3D object conversion software. There is nothing particularly special about it; it is easily and easily absorbed into your daily routine.to-Use it as intended to do as well as it can as it can. Several tools are provided for 3D editing in addition to allowing users to individually look at 3D objects and files.
A great Windows program for taking sioner of converting 2d images and editing them into 3d animations.
You can transform a 3D model into a new format using 3D Object Convertr. The Object Convertor allows you to modify any model of your choice when using it. Furthermore, the Object Converter provides several distinctive features; such as: It'll be possible, for instance, to preview changes that you make before saving them. In addition, you'll be able to produce batches of conversion options.
A very useful program to use for multiple integrations for 3-D modeling. There are a variety of formats supported by this application. More than 814. It is very useful for the VFX artist and 3D modeller alike. An additional benefit is that it is portable and easy to use. Several preview modes are available that allow for a wide range of shading modes such as wireframe and gourad. Editing the material is also possible. 3D conversion of 3D formats is done with this low-key software.
A 3D Object Conversion tool that I've encountered quite a bit. Totally free to install, it does well with Blender. All of my models so far render quickly and are in high quality so far. I have been using this for just a couple of weeks, for personal projects. My recommendation is highly regarded, as this tool is extremely useful.
This software allows you to easily convert 3D artwork into reality. Free software, simply scan the image to spin the object's sides and see it all. Gaming modders, 3D design enthusiasts, and 3D printing enthusiasts use it. It's easy and fast to conceal using just a few clicks, so it's very convenient for you. The 3D printing software you need is here.
With the program's name, you can generate three different settings.It could be related more closely to a shape, or an entirely different manner. It depends on your client what format the product should be displayed in, which is 2D or 3D.
By importing models from internal features, for example AutoCAD, 3D Object Converter allows you to take photos of these models that come from outside the picture. ODM, IMG, 3DP and R3D formats are a few of the popular formats. Also notable is batch processing and the ability for e ay processing and a user-friendly interface. The program enables easy, efficient rendering of objects as well as the removal of formatting.
3d object data can be retrieved from multiple sources with this tool very conveniently.For novice users, this is the ideal tool.The product of a unique endeavor, this tool lets users experience everything in one go.
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