3D Matrix Corridors Screensaver

by Astro Gemini Software

This screensaver looks like one of the products of the Matrix itself

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Astro Gemini Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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3D Matrix Corridors Screensaver - This animated screen saver is related to the Matrix movie. Upon opening the program, the screen is flooded with endless corridors lined with doors. Upon crossing any of the corridors, the user is moved between an ordinary world and the Matrix, and then the walls are painted with a drawing based on the running code; however the film also includes this same feature. The doors are superimposed upon what appears to be an Earth of the Matrix (these worlds aren't the best ones or pictures of earthly life, as they are part of the matrix's running green code). The soundtrack is available as well. It is possible to adjust the volume so it is fully turned off at any moment. By pressing the mouse, textures are set and the screen saver can be turned off. Displaying the time when the computer is operating is the main purpose of the screen saver. Registration for the screen saver lets programmers promise users more Matrix worlds and an in-depth conversation with agent Smith from the future.

A matrix screensaver! As far as I am concerned, screensavers used to be popular on the Macintosh way back. screensaver images are no longer needed; the screen should be blank; switching it off is less energy intensive and saves me money in the process.
You can screensaver based on the smash-hit film, "The Matrix" starring Keanu Reeves. 3D Matrix Corridors Screensaver is animated on a computer. Having these screensavers contain music means if you leave your computer for a while to run, turn off the speakers.
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