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There are a lot of applications in Windows 10 that are not really useful and could be regarded as bloatware.ware'. Your best option is to get rid of the product if it isn't for you. You might not be able to find apps such as Music, Maps, Weather, Mail, News, or Sports on your own. As a result, by default, these apps cannot be uninstalled in Windows 10 by themselves.

Enter 10AppsManager. It is a solution that can be used to remove those apps that would be inconvenient if they were to be removed.

The Start Menu has an option to hide apps that don't need to be in there. are still widely used by both companies and consumers to direct emails, hyperlinks, and other programs. Previously, you were not responsible for this.

10AppsManager is easy and simple to use. It's a three-step process. First, right-click on 10AppsManager.Make sure that it runs in administrator mode using exe. You may then choose the applications you wish to remove. OPTIONAL -- Click Uninstall to begin.

Using 10AppsManager (for Windows) is easy.to-For unused apps, use a tool to uninstall them.


  • Alarms and Camera
  • Food and Health
  • Get Office or Get Skype
  • Mail and Calender
  • MS Wi-Fi
  • Money and News
  • Music, Movies and TV
  • One Note and People
  • Phone and Phone Companion
  • Reader and Reader List
  • Scan and Solitare
  • Sports, Store, and Sway
  • Travel and Voice Recorder
  • Weather and XBox

10AppsManager is small yet very useful. If you use it, you can clear the area prior to using it.You didn't use these apps. They can be installed in Windows 10. By using this software, it is easier to remove unwanted native apps from Windows 10.

By promoting you in a dialog box, the app is able to inform you immediately of the process.Changing your minds on an app can be accomplished by simply re-reading the content of the article.Click on it a second time to install. That's it.

Windows 10 (32/64-bit)").bit).

Free version (Freeware).

Jonathan Stanziano
Finally! Apps that are no longer in use, or unused from the app that cleans up all those unused Windows apps! As a user, I appreciate that the apps can be removed on certain levels. Please take some of them out of your inventory since there may be a need. A great concept for an app!
By signing up for this program, a user will be able to get rid of pre-installed programs.All apps were successfully installed together. If you do not like pre-processing, this is a great way to find your solution.installed apps. The problem may be that it is impossible to remove already installed apps without first being pre-editated.
James Michaels
10AppsManager is a freeware tool that allows you to easily uninstall and reinstall the default, built-in & preinstalled Windows Store apps in Windows 10. However, pre-installed apps don't seem to make as easy a transition from manual installation, uninstall, or reinstall as the Store apps do. A third-party app can be easily uninstalled or reinstalled without the settings being altered first. This is a very helpful tool in that it helps with many things.
You can install or uninstall the programs that come preloaded on your computer as part of 10AppsManager for Windows so you are able to select the best configuration options for the device.
I value how 10Apps Manager has assisted with my operation due to its ease of installation. Installing the default from Windows 10 won't be difficult. This program takes half the time, and if I manually used it, I would not be able to use it.
It would have been easier for me to install and reinstall windows if I had 10AppManager installed on my Windows computer. You can download this free of charge. My life is made easier thanks to this file manager. The install program for my system, which included the built-in and preloaded store apps, can be easily reinstalled. It all just takes a few seconds. Life is wonderful.
There is a program called 10AppsManager that allows you to uninstall any Windows Store apps that have been preinstalled by the manufacturer as well as re-installing any other defaults that you may have previously deleted. You can automate the process of installing or deleting a preinstalled app in this tool, though it is usually difficult when installing default apps.
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