10 Strike LANState

by 10-Strike Software

This network-mapping software allows graphic mapping and control of your entire network

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: 10-Strike Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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10-A program for administrators of networks, called Strike LANState. A monitoring system is primarily used to identify hosts. The current state of the network is displayed as a graphical map, which shows which hosts are currently active. In addition to monitoring, it allows receiving information about hosts, has a port scanner, monitors connections to network resources, sends regular or anonymous notifications to one or more computers in the network, etc.

Can turn on/off computers over the network. However, 10-Remote computers on the network that are running Strike LANState do not need client software installed.

- By simulating the LAN diagram visually and saving it as an image map or printing it, we can see the result visually; ;

- In addition to being able to use multiple cards at once, they also have a limited capacity.

- This card is capable of managing computers over the network and accessing remote devices.

- Logging IP addresses via TCP ports is not supported; Host monitoring (ICMP ping and connection to SMTP gateways is not supported).

- Watch what others do with shared resources ow the use of shared resources by other network users;

- Your network card should be inspected (en route) rt of your network card (inbound/outbound traffic)

- TCP port scanning and host searches; ICMP ping and search with IP address scanning.

- Networks monitored periodically; tionalizing of network devices;

- Administrator tools include those required to manage the system, such as a user account or password.In addition, scan ports, ping locations, trace routes and networks.

- The computer's IP address lets you know what network name it has;

- The network offers a variety of information;

- To notify you about events, follow these steps. sounds played back, logs recorded, programs started up, e-mails sent.mails, etc;

- Create access to devices using configureable context menus;

- Using an ICMP protocol, communicating with another person via IC IP and DNS, receiving information through SMS, logging of events and much more.

10-If you need to view your network state in a visual, intuitive manner, this course will help you do just that.Strike LANState. As part of the program, you can check your server's performance in real time, but that isn't the only benefit. As well as looking at your switching and storage services, your databases as well as your drives to boot can also be taken into account. If something is not working, an alert will be sent right away.
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